Inuka team/Storytelling with The Paperclip


Storytelling with The Paperclip[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation's Inuka team would like to announce a unique collaboration of storytelling with The Paperclip who share stories from the Indian subcontinent. These stories, that often hide in plain sight, are sourced from publicly available content, including Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, and shared on The Paperclip’s social media handles and website.

This limited period collaboration will run from December 5, 2022 to December 15, 2022, during which time The Paperclip will create 4 stories that have an interesting blend of football and documented history, all sourced entirely from knowledge available on Wikimedia projects. Attribution for the Wikipedia articles and media used in these stories will be cited as per current Wikimedia policies and Brand guidelines.

As the world tunes in to the FIFA Men’s World Cup football tournament, we hope to see these stories bring delight and insights to our readers. At the same time, the Inuka team will be learning closely about this form of storytelling. We look forward to bringing these learnings to our projects to support and welcome users from emerging digital communities with access to knowledge in a way that matches how they consume content shared on the internet. We will document this experience, jointly with The Paperclip, and our colleagues from other WMF teams on in the coming days. While all the stories for this round of the experiment are in English, we hope to extend the possibility of similar storytelling in more languages in future. Any tools or features developed by the Inuka team as an outcome of knowledge gained through this exercise will be available in all languages supported on Wikimedia platforms.

Sheikh Zain ud-Din - Indian Roller on Sandalwood

The stories will be shared by The Paperclip on their website, Twitter feed, and other social media channels. This collaboration has been supported by the Regional Partnerships team, and teams within the Communication department of the Wikimedia Foundation. You can also read the announcement made by The Paperclip, and view the first story created as an early experiment. This was entirely based on information available on a featured article on English Wikipedia and related media from Wikimedia Commons. We hope this will be the start of a longer process of future collaboration, and learning in partnership with The Paperclip.