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Wikitext/Parsoid test cases

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This is a single file containing thousands of tests for Wikitext

MediaWiki PHP Parser


The MediaWiki core code base contains the authoritative source of the parser testing framework.



Since June 2013, the test cases for Parsoid have resided in the Parsoid repository. Parsoid's copy of the parser tests and Mediawiki core's copy of parser tests are regularly synced which ensures that the two files never diverge very far.

This file provides important compatibility information about wikitext (expected behavior for wikitext to HTML and HTML to wikitext). It also captures differences between the output / behavior of the Parsoid and the PHP parser.

The github mirror of the latest version of this file is at https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/diffusion/GPAR/browse/master/tests/parserTests.txt