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WMF: Brion, NeilK, Trevor, Alolita

Hackpad: Alex Graveley, Igor Kofman


  • Demoed Hackpad, including a closed-source editor working on an iPhone, authentication (currently via FB platform), plans for tables and more goodies.
  • Discussed issues at Wikipedia and how our model of text must also include things like templates and their expansion, and we must always have a backend serialization in wikitext
  • Discussed strategies for what kinds of editing "surfaces" are necessary. Trevor explains why he thinks Etherpad is unsuitable long-term as it does not manage its own editing surface
  • Mutual realization: as a test, could enable Hackpad as a *source code* editor on a MediaWiki instance somewhere. Could start with smaller wikis or enable it on a select number of pages.
    • Gives Hackpad more users, feedback, credibility, helps them learn to scale
    • Gives WMF a test case of collaborative editing.
    • Can be completed in a short time frame, (good for all parties) using the API and/or enabling it as a gadget.
  • Tentative proposal to go forward with Hackpad as a gadget on some smaller wiki -- discussed API and how User Scripts and Gadgets work on MediaWiki. Possibly have HackPad staff stay at the WMF offices for close collaboration.
  • To be discussed further later, also get permission/inform other stakeholders at Hackpad & WMF.

Questions to answer[edit]

  • Good idea to go forward? Aligned goals?
  • What sorts of guarantees are needed? For instance...
    • Who hosts? Hackpad can host initially, but a wider test needs WMF support
    • Throttling? Is it limited to certain pages? Or do we rely on the obscurity of gadgets?