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Wikimedia Engineering's key future-facing priority for 2011–2012 is creating a rich text editing environment, backed by a revamped, normalized, more consistent wikitext parser. Our 2011-2012 annual plan aims to "Develop Visual Editor. First opt-in user-facing production usage by December 2011, and first small wiki default deployment by June 2012."

Please see the big picture for more background and motivation.

VisualEditor[edit | edit source]

Modernize editing to make editing more welcoming for newbies, still just as powerful for oldbies.

Parser[edit | edit source]

A new, normalized, more consistent wikitext parser.

Get involved[edit | edit source]

  • Join the wikitext-l mailing list if interested in following along or getting involved; there should be posts from Trevor, Gabriel, Roan, Rob, and Inez, and we're going to need feedback and help!
  • Collect test cases (example pages, known problematic pages, corpus from Wikipedia, adapted parser tests) via Future/Parser test cases
  • Start to hack on your favorite task in the parser TODO list, and post to wikitext-l or ping gwicke on IRC if you'd like help / feedback.

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