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Svn: https://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/extensions/Offline/

Git repository: https://code.google.com/p/wikipedia-offline-patch/

Do next

  1. data is lost during indexing, at file boundary and likely other cases. compare titles list to identify missing articles
  2. Installer.
  3. create and upload dump indexes
  4. Default configurations work.
  5. Misconfigured bz2 database will cause query with an empty ipb_address
  6. extract and save templates separately, during db indexing
  7. mediawiki versioning becomes a DVCS vector to allow for asynchronous distribution
  8. Don't require cache engine
  9. Is bz2 slave & live db master configuration working?
  10. (#1!) test coverage for DatabaseBz2
  11. Is there any reason to use lxml instead of regex'ing for <text> tag?

Big plans

  1. Export offline changes and import into public wikipedia
  2. DVD distribution
  3. Pick list to generate script to download missing multimedia, etc.
  4. Kiwix integration: backend, cooperative tagging, edit*...; or another frontend
  5. support other indexes' libraries: sqlite
  6. bzip2recover patch to set desired chunk-split filesize
  7. multiple simultaneous language support