EMWCon Spring 2019/Using (Semantic) Mediawiki on an Enterprise Knowledge Management Platform: From Banking IT Governance to Smart City Hub Portals

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Using (Semantic) Mediawiki on an Enterprise Knowledge Management Platform: From Banking IT Governance to Smart City Hub Portals

Presenter     Matteo Busanelli
Event Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) Spring 2019
Length 30 minutes
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Knowledge is the most important and valuable asset for enterprises second only to their persons. Organizations (especially the big ones) mainly has an huge amount of information about business, know-how and more and more often about the complex underlyng IT systems landscape (think about INDUSTRY 4.0 and IOT). Often, due to a lack of methodology, culture and appropriate tools, organizations are not able to manage and take full advantage of the potential of their data.

Based on our experience on banks, insurrances and pubblic administrations in the last 10 years we have developed a practical approach and a set of tools based on Semantic Web standards (ontologies, RDF/OWL, SPARQL etc...) to help our clients to easly recollect their eterogeneus information, reconciling them accordigly to a formal ontological model to finally republishing them together in an open, standard Enterprise Knowledge Management platform.

Here we will present this approach and give a focus on our practical experience expecially on the advanced usage that we made of Semantic Mediawiki.

In fact Mediawiki with a set of specific extensions (i.e Semantic Mediawiki, Page Form, Semantic Result Format, Semantic Drilldown etc...) represents a core component of the KM platform enpowered with some custom components we made for data integration/mapping, enrichment, visualization and finally to republishing all information as a queryable Enteprise Knowledge Graph.

All presented results are taken from real business cases: we will see implementation for IT governance and Enterprise Architecture portal for big european bank and insurrance groups. Next we will see implementations for costs allocation and budgeting distributions in the complex IT services scenario.

We will show an implementation for Personal Data Treatments Register in related to the GDPR european normative compliancy and last but not the least we will presents an interesting application of Semantic Mediawiki as open data portal for vertical services of Pubblic Administrations and in particular for local turism promotion through a federation of portals called Smart City Hubs.