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Design System Team/Current Status

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Our goals for the current year are captured in our FY23-24 impact on WE3.1. The metrics being:

  1. 75% of WMF and WMDE teams building user interfaces have used Codex in a project at least once.
  2. When surveyed, 100% of designers and developers who have used Codex do not wish to go back to using legacy tools and ways of working.

Work Streams[edit]

Current (FY23-24)[edit]

Title Description Drivers Status Phabricator Links
Skin Variables Migrate mediawik.ui and WikimediaUI Base variables to Codex tokens. Volker Yes Done T332541, T334934
Vue 2 to 3 Migration Migrate all WMF-hosted repos to Vue 3 and drop the compatibility build of Vue 2. DST Engineers Yes Done T289017
Migrate DSG to Codex Migrate resources from the Design Style Guide to Codex. Bárbara, Volker Yes Done T333144
User Testing Pilot Develop a process for user testing elements of the design system. Bárbara, Eric Yes Done T330143
Code Splitting Support code splitting of Codex modules in ResourceLoader in order to deprecate mediawiki.ui as part of WE3.1 of the 2023-24 Annual Plan OKRs. Roan In progress In progress T349423
Night Mode Support the Web team with their work on reading preferences for WE2.1 of the 2023-24 Annual Plan OKRs. Derek, Eric In progress In progress T355147
Community Configuration 2.0 Support the Growth team with their project to generalize community configuration to other product features, including rebuilding it in Vue/Codex and moving it to a separate extension. Derek, Volker In progress In progress T355149
Multiblocks Support the CommTech team with the community wish to introduce layering blocks (a.k.a. multiblocks), including rebuilding Special:Block with Vue/Codex. Bárbara, Roan, Lauralyn In progress In progress T355148
WiKit to Codex Support the Wikidata team with their effort to migrate WiKit-built products to Codex. Bárbara, Anne In progress In progress T355155
AFB Engagement Following the Codex 1.0 release, we committed to engaging the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) to help answer specific questions we have around accessibility best practices and compliance with WCAG 2.1 Level AA. Volker Paused T355337


Title Status
Basic Vue.js support in MediaWiki Yes Done
Support for ES6 across MediaWiki Yes Done
Design and define Codex design tokens Yes Done
Develop the initial set of Codex Vue components Yes Done
Develop the initial set of Codex CSS-only components Yes Done
Server-side rendering of Vue apps in MediaWiki In progress Stalled