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#wikimedia-office: Weekly CI triage[edit]

Meeting started by hashar at 14:03:09 UTC. The full logs are available at .

Meeting summary[edit]

  • Misc (hashar, 14:13:32)
    • Setup a CI booth at the Wikimania hackathon (hashar, 14:15:07)
    • AGREED: Zeljko to write an announce on QA list (hashar, 14:15:44)
    • Antoine paired with mobrovac to train him on JJB. Pet project will be to have Jenkins job for each of the mediawiki services backend and have them to self update / reload (hashar, 14:17:24)
    • Zeljko poked Yuvipanda to train folks on Rubocop and have it on operations/puppet.git (hashar, 14:17:39)
    • Discussion on going to define a test entry point for Ruby. (aka `rake`) (hashar, 14:18:08)
    • lanthanum.eqiad.wmnet (prod slave) is gone! (hashar, 14:19:55)
    • gallium still used to test against the Zuul prod server and to publish doc on (hashar, 14:20:47)

Meeting ended at 14:21:51 UTC.

Action items[edit]

  • (none)

People present (lines said)[edit]

  • hashar (18)
  • wm-labs-meetbot` (3)

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