Code review management

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Code review is the systematic examination of MediaWiki core and extension code revisions intended to find and fix mistakes overlooked in development.

We have a large community of developers who are frustrated with the current velocity of our code reviews. On the flip side, we need to review changes made to the site carefully enough such that our operations team doesn't have to continuously recover from poor developer choices.

As of April 2016, our current activity:

  • T129842 - "Decide whether to have a "Code Review" committee / working group"
    • Discussion on Phabricator suggests the creation of a code review committee that would work in conjunction with ArchCom
  • T114419 - "Make code review not suck" at WikiDev16
    • Detailed discussion about potential improvements to the code review process. Video of this discussion was taken; discussion of availability can be found at T124127.
  • T128371 - "Set up Code Review office hours"
    • Organizing recurring "Office Hours" events where contributors can come to ask for (or give) synchronous code reviews