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This template links to a page on mediawiki.org from the Help pages. The template has three parameters:

  1. Pagename, optionally preceded by an interwiki link prefix valid on mediawiki.org
  2. (optional) Link description
  3. (optional) Special. Set this to "yes" for special pages, and the template will link to the local Special page if it exists (otherwise, it will point to mediawiki.org).

This is so that the public domain help pages - which can be freely copied and included in other sites - have correct links to Mediawiki:

  • on external sites, it creates an interwiki link to 'mediawikiwiki' (included in the default interwiki table for new installs)
  • on Mediawiki, it creates an internal or interwiki link

All links from the Help namespace to other parts of the mediawiki.org wiki should use this template.


  • {{mediawiki|Project:About}} yields Project:About
  • {{mediawiki|Project:About|About MediaWikiWiki}} yields yields About MediaWikiWiki
  • {{mediawiki|m:Project:About|About Meta}} yields About Meta
  • {{mediawiki|Special:OAuthConsumerRegistration|Register on mw:|special=1}} yields Register on mw:

MediaWikiWiki interwiki link for missing local page

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Default Auto value Status
page 1 Wikilink working on MediaWikiWiki wiki-page-name empty empty required
text 2 Link text (default page name) string empty empty optional
Special special Any non-empty value to try local before MediaWikiWiki special page string empty empty optional