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SUL finalisation would unify user accounts across all Wikimedia projects.

Status[edit | edit source]


The SUL finalisation team continues to work on building tools to support the finalisation. There are four ongoing streams of work, and the team is on track to have the majority of the work completed by the end of September.

The ability to globally rename users was deployed a while ago, and is currently working excellently!

The ability to log in with old, pre-finalisation credentials has been developed so that users are not inadvertently locked out of their accounts. From an engineering standpoint, this form is now fully working in our test environment. Right now, the form uses placeholder text; that text needs to be 'prettified' so that the users who have been forcibly renamed get the appropriate information on how to proceed after their rename, and more rigorous testing should be done before deployment.

A form to globally merge users has been developed so that users can consolidate their accounts after the finalisation. From an engineering standpoint, this form is now fully working in our test environment. The form needs design improvements and further testing before it can be deployed.

A form to request a rename has been developed so that users who do not have global accounts can request a rename, and also so that the workload on the renamers is reduced. From an engineering standpoint, the form to request a rename has been implemented, and implementation has begun on the form that allows renames to rename users. Once the end-to-end experience has been fully implemented and tested, the form will be 'prettified'.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally, Wikimedia wikis operated completely independently from each other, with separate user accounts and passwords for each wiki. CentralAuth was created to let users log in with the same credentials across multiple wikis, but as the wikis operated independently for years there were thousands of clashing accounts, i.e. cases where different people had registered the same name on different wikis. These clashes prevent those affected from logging in with the same name across all wikis.

Project Goal[edit | edit source]

The goal of the SUL finalisation is to forcibly rename any clashing user accounts so that every single user has their own single unified login across all Wikimedia sites.

Project Duration[edit | edit source]

TODO: Fill this out

Backlog[edit | edit source]

Necessary prior code/ops steps[edit | edit source]

Desirable prior code/ops steps[edit | edit source]

  • In progress In progress: Write & deploy global user merging so two global users can be merged together
    • What to do when two clashing local instances under the global accounts?
    • YesY Done Deploy UserMerge extension to all wikis
      • In progress In progress Update extensions to be compatible - bug 67758
      • In progress In progress Fix major bugs in Ex:UserMerge
      • N Not done Enable UserMerge for all wikis in beta, test
    • Next steps:
      • Legoktm - Work on UserMerge dependencies
      • YesY Done CSteipp - Merge global merge, disabled by config
  • In progress In progress: Write & deploy a tool for local ‘losing’ users to check a proposed new account name (check against clashing global and local users, and also against the global user account name rules) and request it be done.
    • YesY Done bug 68886 Request global account rename from home wiki before forced SUL name change
    • bug 68924 Create special page to manage global rename request queue
    • Depends on Global Rename tool
    • Next steps:
      • Bd808 is working on patches

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