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Core changes[edit | edit source]

Extensions[edit | edit source]

AbuseFilter[edit | edit source]

ArticleFeedbackv5[edit | edit source]

CentralAuth[edit | edit source]

CentralNotice[edit | edit source]

Cite[edit | edit source]

DataValues[edit | edit source]

Diff[edit | edit source]

DonationInterface[edit | edit source]

  • git #0b80b8b - Nuking recaptcha as cruft that hasn't been used in at least two years on payments.

Echo[edit | edit source]

EventLogging[edit | edit source]

  • git #9bd1216 - Add coroutine-based, URI-configured generic event processor

FlaggedRevs[edit | edit source]

GettingStarted[edit | edit source]

GuidedTour[edit | edit source]

  • git #b1ebe53 - Bump Guiders for scroll animation.
  • git #5f16b1f - Move cookie-related functionalty from Guiders.js to GuidedTour.
  • git #2a3bbd2 - Add step as allowed special page redirect parameter.
  • git #155ffa7 - Minor tweaks to recent logging change
  • git #66b99ce - Preserve exception when logging, as suggested by S.

LiquidThreads[edit | edit source]

  • git #f4a868a - Fix new messages count update on marking threads as read from Special:NewMessages (bug 47414)

Math[edit | edit source]

MobileFrontend[edit | edit source]

OATHAuth[edit | edit source]

OpenStackManager[edit | edit source]

  • git #72c5c56 - Fix security group fetching from nova api
  • git #3b297f8 - Add <displayname>.<domain> to each sudoer host.
  • git #a85f60e - Added getDisplayName and getFullyQualifiedDisplayName
  • git #dbcd9c0 - Clean up a couple of bad calls to printDebug().
  • git #097fd11 - Add a custom submit text for the project filter
  • git #a281b98 - Fix qqq for previously renamed echo messages
  • git #ddd5bf2 - Use jquery.chosen for the project filter
  • git #1c09a60 - Use label-raw for puppet groups in configure form
  • git #99fa642 - Update echo preference message labels
  • git #d42377a - Fix another projectname reference
  • git #c9ed964 - Fix role checking for users
  • git #ffdb4ce - Limit some NovaProject actions to projectadmin
  • git #56c01c8 - Revert "Allow any project member to create a service group."
  • git #a228c74 - Declare mediawiki.api as dependency for ext.openstack module
  • git #dd2957f - Allow any project member to create a service group.
  • git #fade380 - Search for projects using ldap_list, part two.
  • git #d4e50ee - Provide JS model and methods for instances
  • git #eeeb7d6 - Add API action for instance reboots

PageTriage[edit | edit source]

  • git #60ea1dd - Temporary revert of PageTriage for wmf deployment
  • git #e222689 - Temprorary PageTriage revert for wmf4 deployment
  • git #3d79e06 - Adding tooltip for preference
  • git #6d08b61 - Temporary fix to curation toolbar till things are sorted out
  • git #4d585c2 - New logic to determine whether to show curation toolbar
  • git #1786a4f - NewPagesFeed: Fix layout bug with "Sort by" in Chrome (bug 48161)
  • git #ef118cf - pagetriage-add-deletion-tag should fall under negative group

ProofreadPage[edit | edit source]

Score[edit | edit source]

Scribunto[edit | edit source]

SecurePoll[edit | edit source]

SemanticForms[edit | edit source]

  • git #4f708c3 - bugfix (Storing several pages in a loop creates only one page)
  • git #4c44656 - (JS modules not loaded for transcluded RunQuery forms) (bug 36180)
  • git #b8b77f1 - Fixed bug when $options array was empty in $select DomElement at SF_AutoeditAPI.php
  • git #a1c2c4f - Extended Page Schemas integration
  • git #3e6e64b - Semantic Forms: Display error message when Special:EditForm accessed by itself (bug 47606)

TemplateData[edit | edit source]

  • git #059c5b1 - TemplateDataBlob: Improve error handling
  • git #5e50116 - TemplateDataBlob: Implement 'type' and 'label'
  • git #4fcd9b5 - spec: Update 'type' documentation following 2013-04-30 discussion
  • git #8636d19 - TemplateDataBlob: Don't add class "sortable" to HTML rendering
  • git #61ab902 - TemplateDataBlob: Convert 'clones' to 'inherits'

Thanks[edit | edit source]

TimedMediaHandler[edit | edit source]

Translate[edit | edit source]

UniversalLanguageSelector[edit | edit source]

Vector[edit | edit source]

VisualEditor[edit | edit source]

Wikibase[edit | edit source]

WikimediaMaintenance[edit | edit source]

ZeroRatedMobileAccess[edit | edit source]