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Javascript error using input type=datapicker108:43, 14 February 2014
Support default=now108:42, 14 February 2014
Sort order for "two listboxes"?316:54, 28 January 2014
Conditional Regular Expression112:58, 16 December 2013
Forms gone114:15, 20 November 2013
box size for "two listboxes"016:33, 31 October 2013
jQuery data undefined error and 2 Listbox Appearance713:34, 6 September 2013
datetimepicker is not supported in multiple-instance templates600:18, 12 June 2013
No year scrolling517:37, 28 May 2013
Menuselect1513:09, 24 April 2013
Datepicker: Format in Form ok but saved value displayed in wrong format120:35, 26 March 2013
Disable selecting dates from future120:52, 14 January 2013
Slashes207:33, 27 November 2012
datepicker with german user localisation doesn't work correctly321:36, 1 November 2012
Multiple values for a menuselect field821:05, 28 October 2012
Download Link Incorrect208:27, 6 July 2012
Installed, but doesn't seem to take effect819:41, 5 July 2012
Tiny tutorial for programming SFI?311:24, 9 May 2012
Timepicker slow307:48, 4 May 2012
Datepicker doesn't show710:09, 19 April 2012
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Javascript error using input type=datapicker

I've installed SFI development version on MW 1.19 and SMW 1.7 and SF 2.5.2.

In the form I use:

{{{field|Startdatum gepland|property=Startdatum gepland|input type=datepicker}}}

It appears a textbox in the form and i get the followin Javascript error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'regional' of undefined TestCluster:399
(anonymous function) TestCluster:399
fire load.php:14
self.fireWith load.php:15
jQuery.extend.ready load.php:6
DOMContentLoaded load.php:12
Toine Schijvenaars (talk)18:24, 28 May 2013

I never responded to this, sorry! Is it still an issue?

F.trott (talk)08:43, 14 February 2014

Support default=now

For datepicker please!

David Mason (talk)16:19, 7 July 2013

Sort order for "two listboxes"?

Is it possible to force a sort of the contents of Two Listboxes? I've tried going back and changing the order of the allowed values for my property, but the sort order of the listboxes never changes. Thanks.

Lsilverman (talk)03:33, 28 January 2014

I think it should be possible to do that using the plain "values" parameter (i.e. not one of the "values from..." parameters). You could try using an ask query, something like values={{#ask: ... }}. Of course you then face the problem of sorting that ask.

If you already specify allowed values with your properties the simplest solution might be to just explicitly list the allowed values by hand in your form. Or - if you have many forms - to put the list of allowed values in a template. All not very comfortable or elegant, I know.

F.trott (talk)16:16, 28 January 2014

Am I correct that specifying a preferred sort order isn't supported on any of the input types?

Lsilverman (talk)16:53, 28 January 2014

Yes, you are correct.

F.trott (talk)16:54, 28 January 2014

Conditional Regular Expression

Hi I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but here's the problem: I have some optional fields that a user can elect to fill out or not, but when they are filled out they need to be limited to the pattern they can enter. But if I set a regular expression for that field it shows an error if it is not filled out. The mandatory setting in Semantic Forms recognizes if statements -- is there away with semantic inputs to write a regular expression that's conditional? I'm sure I'm over looking something simple, because that's generally the case, but any guidance here would be helpful. Thanks

Christharp (talk)04:01, 12 December 2013

The input is matched against a JavaScript style regexp. Maybe this helps: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Guide/Regular_Expressions

In principle it should be as easy as wrapping your whole regexp in parenthesis and appending a question mark.

F.trott (talk)12:57, 16 December 2013

Forms gone

Hello team,

After a dozen upgrades and a fresh mediawiki install I've lost all my forms. I unable to locate 'm in backups. Where are the forms saved to?


T, 18 November 2013

Forms are stored as pages in the Forms namespace.

F.trott (talk)14:15, 20 November 2013

box size for "two listboxes"

It would be nice if we can specify the size of the two listboxes rather than playing with css... Thanks in advance., 31 October 2013

jQuery data undefined error and 2 Listbox Appearance

I installed this extension mainly for the two listboxes but couldnt get it to work properly.

1) In my semantic form, I created a field with input type=two listboxes and when I preview this created form, this is showing this error:

ext.semanticforms.main: TypeError: jQuery(...).data(...) is undefined

The above error shows only when I preview the form in the "CreateForm" page but it seems to work when I actually try to fill-in the form. I am using MW 1.21 and I downloaded the development version of your extension from Git.

2) The listbox display seems different in the picture you had given in your extension page to what I see on my installed version. For example, the 2 listboxes are right next to each other but in your picture it is displayed nicely since the listboxes are separated and displayed with an arrow in between them. How can I get that appearance for these 2 listboxes?, 4 September 2013

Hi! I'm the developer of two listboxes, I'll try to help. First please try to add &debug=true to the URL and provide the full error message with problematic line numbers.

Katkov Yury (talk)11:51, 4 September 2013

Thank you Katkov.. Thank you for developing this input method. :)

Okay, I tried adding &debug=true to the URL but nothing happens. Could it be that this error only shows when I click on the "Preview" button when I am Editing the Form and not in the actual URL? For instance, when I add &debug=true directly to the form url like www.url.com/wiki/index.php/Form:xyzForm&debug=true, then it shows the "There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or edit this page" message since its trying to create a new page. When I click on Edit Form, and then click preview, that is the time the error shows. So when I try adding &debug=true to the URL that shows when viewing the preview like this: wiki/index.php?title=Form:xyzForm&action=submit&debug=true or wiki/index.php?title=Form:xyzForm&debug=true&action=submit, then it just shows the form edit page without any previews or errors. So sorry couldnt be of help there since I couldnt get the full error message with problematic line numbers. Are you maybe able to reproduce this by trying to edit the form that has the 2 listboxes and then click on Preview button? The error message shows in 2 pop-up boxes when the preview form page is loaded:

Dialog 1 says: "ext.semanticforms.main: TypeError: jQuery(...).data(...) is undefined" with OK button,

Dialog 2 says: "ext.semanticforms.main: TypeError: jQuery(...).data(...) is undefined" along with a checkbox in the next line that says "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" and then the OK button.

But like I said before, although these errors shows when I preview the form edit page (note it happens only when I edit the actual form and not the article that was created based on the form), the form actually works when creating an article using it. So not sure what could be the cause...

And, any suggestions on how I can style these listboxes like I mentioned in (2) above? Are the listboxes showing close to each other because of the other error or is this how its supposed to be? Do you have a working example by any chance?


Alien Time (talk)13:19, 4 September 2013

Can you open it in Chrome and press F12? Pick Console in the tabs and tell what is said there with debug=true.

Katkov Yury (talk)13:36, 4 September 2013

ah...This is what it says:

TypeError: list[firingIndex] is undefined

load.p...131930Z (line 12)

....split(core_rspace),function(_,flag){object[flag]=true;});return object;}jQuery....

And when I click on Line 12, it highlights this:

function doScrollCheck(){if(!jQuery.isReady){try{top.doScroll("left");}catch(e){return setTimeout(doScrollCheck,50);}jQuery.ready();}})();}}}return readyList.promise(obj);};jQuery.each("Boolean Number String Function Array Date RegExp Object".split(" "),function(i,name){class2type["[object "+name+"]"]=name.toLowerCase();});rootjQuery=jQuery(document);var optionsCache={};function createOptions(options){var object=optionsCache[options]={};jQuery.each(options.split(core_rspace),function(_,flag){object[flag]=true;});return object;}jQuery.Callbacks=function(options){options=typeof options==="string"?(optionsCache[options]||createOptions(options)):jQuery.extend({},options);var memory,fired,firing,firingStart,firingLength,firingIndex,list=[],stack=!options.once&&[],fire=function(data){memory=options.memory&&data;fired=true;firingIndex=firingStart||0;firingStart=0;firingLength=list.length;firing=true;for(;list&&firingIndex<firingLength;firingIndex++){if(list[firingIndex].apply(data[0],data[1])

Alien Time (talk)14:40, 4 September 2013

Another time I reloaded this error showed up too (although most of the time, it shows error in line #12 except for this time):

TypeError: jQuery(...).data(...) is undefined

load.p...3128Z&* (line 32)

...noexecute){var input=this;jQuery(function(){initFunction(input.attr("id"),param)...

Line 32 is this:

initFunction,param,noexecute){if(!this.attr("id"))return this;if(!jQuery("#sfForm").data("SemanticForms")){setupSF();}if(!jQuery("#sfForm").data("SemanticForms").initFunctions[this.attr("id")]){jQuery("#sfForm").data("SemanticForms").initFunctions[this.attr("id")]=new Array();}jQuery("#sfForm").data("SemanticForms").initFunctions[this.attr("id")].push({initFunction:initFunction,parameters:param});if(this.closest(".multipleTemplateStarter").length==0&&!noexecute){var input=this;jQuery(function(){initFunction(input.attr("id"),param)});}return this;};jQuery.fn.SemanticForms_unregisterInputValidation=function(){var sfdata=jQuery("#sfForm").data("SemanticForms");if(this.attr("id")&&sfdata){for(var i=0;i<sfdata.validationFunctions.length;i++){if(typeof sfdata.validationFunctions[i]!=='undefined'&&sfdata.validationFunctions[i].input==this.attr("id")){delete sfdata.validationFunctions[i];}}}return this;};jQuery.fn.SemanticForms_unregisterInputInit=function(){if(this.attr("id")&&jQuery(

Alien Time (talk)14:47, 4 September 2013

datetimepicker is not supported in multiple-instance templates

Placing a datatimepicker field inside a multiple-instance template does not seem to be supported: When modifying the date of any of the added instances, it always updates the value of the first one. http://scratchpad.referata.com/wiki/Form:Datetimepicker (to verify behavior copy in a site with Semantic Forms Inputs installed)

Xavier Atero (talk)18:12, 8 December 2012

I have a problem like this. If the form with multiple instance has more than one datepicker, only the first can be used.

Fernando Carpani (talk)13:28, 17 December 2012

Menuselect also not supported in multiple-instance templates. It prints the menu structure instead of creating a menu.

Protnet (talk)20:36, 27 December 2012

Does the development version work?

I meant to release that for a while now, but if it is still buggy, there is probably no point.

F.trott (talk)20:48, 14 January 2013

I just tested this with the current 0.7 alpha (30d00f0) for the datepicker input format. The problem is still persistent. A fix would be cool.

[[kgh]] (talk)21:59, 24 January 2013

Just tried it again using SF 2.5.2 (latest development version) and MW 1.20 and MW 1.22alpha (latest development version). It worked just fine for both menuselect and datepicker.

F.trott (talk)19:57, 9 May 2013

No year scrolling

Hi, I've just installed Inputs and I'm having a problem with the datepicker. The year selection seems to be fixed in a 10 year period either side of the default (or last selected) year. Scrolling thru to years not appearing in the list is not possible. MW 1.18, SF 2.3.1, SFI 0.5, SMW 1.6.1.

Fault is not dependednt on the "first date =" variable

I've tried IE on XP an Firefox on Mac OSX, same result.

Is it a bug or a problem with my settings somewhere?

Cheers - Scott

Scott D00:45, 11 December 2011

You are right. What would be the expected behaviour, though?

F.trott10:07, 11 December 2011

Sorry for the delayed reply, been rather busy of late...

I would expect it to keep scrolling back/forward through the years until you stopped pressing the up or down arrow. One of the forms I am using it in is to input a vehicle's year of manufacture. When someone begins to fill out the form and selects the year then they can only scroll back as far as 2001. This may confuse some into thinking that they cannot enter a date prior to that.

Scott D13:15, 19 December 2011

I would like it to work a bit differently than you proposed (e.g. like this, preferably with a click-and-hold feature for fast forward/backward), but I agree, that something like that would be a really nice feature. The problem is, it would require a change to the jQuery datepicker code, which is out of the scope of this extension. I will note it as a feature request, but better don't hold your breath on it.

If you are really intent on having this, you would have to drive it. I.e get someone at jqueryui.com to implement your feature and then kick me again to use it.

(What I probably could do is give you some option where you could set the years shown in the dropdown.)

F.trott13:53, 19 December 2011

Either way would work. I'd be surprised if it's hard to fix the existing control though. When you click on the year control, if you select the earliest year in the list the control disappears and shows the year selected. The next time you click on the control the year previously selected is centred in the list and you can go back another ten years. The control can eventually be 'hacked' to get back to the year that you want, you just can't get there via the scroll buttons.

Scott D10:54, 20 December 2011

Hi! To change the range of years you can add the following change in the datepicker.js file. Look for this piece of code:

inputShow.datepicker( {
                        'showOn': 'both',
                        'buttonImage': params.buttonImage,
                        'buttonImageOnly': false,
                        'changeMonth': true,
                        'changeYear': true,
                        'altFormat': 'yy/mm/dd',
                        // Today button does not work (http://dev.jqueryui.com/ticket/4045)
                        // do not show button panel for now
                        // TODO: show date picker button panel when bug is fixed
                        'showButtonPanel': false,
                        'firstDay': params.firstDay,
                        'showWeek': params.showWeek,
                        'dateFormat': params.dateFormat,
                        'beforeShowDay': function ( date ) {return SFI_DP_checkDate( '#' + input_id + '_show', date );}
                } );

Then add the following line inside that block:

'yearRange': 'c-200:c+10',

That will change the range of years (200 in the past from today's year and 10 years in the future). More info can be found in DatePicker documentation.

FrancoIacomella (talk)17:37, 28 May 2013


The Menuselect input type is depending on the Semantic TreeView extension. Are there plans to further support this input type or will it be phased out? I guess a note about this should be on this extension's page. Cheers

[[kgh]] (talk)19:09, 26 March 2013

Semantic TreeView is IMHO not maintainable. Instead I improved the tree format of Extension:SemanticResultFormats. Guess I should also update the menuselect documentation,

F.trott (talk)20:30, 26 March 2013

Yeah, that's why I asked. :) Cheers

[[kgh]] (talk)21:41, 26 March 2013

Would absolutely love to see some syntax using the new tree format!, 13 April 2013

I changed the example.

F.trott (talk)16:58, 13 April 2013

I have got an other question abou menuselect: is it possible to select a value the type comma and selcet a second value? Becau in my case the first value is always been overwritten! Thanks for help.

Zym (talk)13:31, 18 April 2013

Sorry, it is not possible to create a comma separated list with menuselect.

F.trott (talk)13:40, 18 April 2013

Thank you for the fast answer! What do you recommend instead? More multiselcet fields in a row mapping the same Property? Or maybe change the JavaScript of multiselect? If yes: where?

Zym (talk)13:48, 18 April 2013

You could try some other input type, e.g. the twolistboxes input type available in the development version of the extension. You could of course also have several inputs or use a multiple template form. If you want to patch menuselect, have a look at the libs/menuselect.js file.

F.trott (talk)07:26, 19 April 2013

If I put more multiselctfields in a row for the same property the last textfield overwrites the others. So I will try to change the libs/menuselect.js file.

Zym (talk)12:05, 22 April 2013

Datepicker: Format in Form ok but saved value displayed in wrong format

Dear all,

I'm using the Datepicker from Input formats in a german installation. In the Form I defined "date format=dd.mm.yy" and when using the picker everything is fine. But after saving the form data (I understand that the dates are saved in format YYYY/mm/dd anyway) and calling the result wiki site the date is also shown in YYYY/mm/dd format.
The strange thing is that I already have a similar setup of a Form that is also utilizing the datepicker and this works perfectly well. The date format during entering/editing in the datepicker is in dd.mm.yy format and after saving the dates on the result wiki page are also displayed in the correct dd.mm.yy format.
I could not find any differences regarding the date form fields and template definitions in both cases - therefore I don't have a clue what is going wrong here...

Does anybody have some suggestions?
Many thanks!

Sochin67 (talk)15:40, 22 March 2013

You should use the #time parser function from Extension:ParserFunctions. I don't know, why one wiki works while the other doesn't. Look at the source of the wiki pages to see if they really are the same.

F.trott (talk)20:35, 26 March 2013

Disable selecting dates from future

Need an option to disable future dates selection in datepicker.

Vlsergey (talk)12:51, 20 December 2012

Have not tried, but if you set the "last date" parameter to todays date (e.g. {{CURRENTYEAR}}/{{CURRENTMONTH}}/{{CURRENTDAY}}) it should work.

F.trott (talk)20:52, 14 January 2013

Dates are stored like this YYYY/MM/DD. What is the best way to store this date as an ISO-formatted date (YYYY-MM-DD) in the template for this form?

    [[Has start date::{{{Start date|}}}]]

I tried #formatdate/#dateformat but didn't get it to work.

    [[Has start date::{{#formatdate:{{{Start date|}}}|ISO 8601}}]]

If it is not possible to store the date this way: Is it possible to display dates as YYYY-MM-DD?

Sorry, I don't know any solution.

Martinwiss (talk)23:45, 26 November 2012


    [[Has start date::{{#replace:{{{Start date|}}}|/|-}}]]
Martinwiss (talk)23:53, 26 November 2012

You could also use the #time function fropm the ParserFunctions extension:

[[Has start date::{{#time:Y-m-d|{{{Start date|}}}}}]]

see Help:Extension:ParserFunctions#.23time

F.trott (talk)07:33, 27 November 2012

datepicker with german user localisation doesn't work correctly

Hi all! First, a big big thank to all who lets live this great software! And sorry for my english. As a rather unexperimented admin of a unfortunately non-public smw-wiki I don't now where to tune for this problem: The datepicker popup let me choose a date, but it fills in the form-field in a strange way: "TT.November.JJ" instead of "31/10/2012". The saved page contain also the defective string. When I edit a page witch contains already a correct date-string with the datepicker oder the datetimepicker-form, it appears also wrong. But this occurs only if the Language in "my preferences" is set to German. So, English and French works well. See the screenshot on [1]. Contrary, the timpicker-form works well for all languages. This behaviour occurs only since the last upgrading of some extensions, but I don't now exactly of which one. Actually, this is our installation: [2]. Thanks for help!

Lugant (talk)23:08, 31 October 2012

Sorry for this typo: in the text above, "31/10/2012" should be "2012/10/31" since this is the only accepted format. The described problem still occurs.

Lugant (talk)23:48, 31 October 2012

Hi Lugant,

I think you caught a version with an error in the German translations. Sorry about that. To fix it please find the file SemanticFormsInputs.i18n.php. There around line 240 you should find the German translations of the dateformat. Please fix them so they look like this:

'semanticformsinputs-dateformatlong' => 'd. MM yy',
'semanticformsinputs-dateformatshort' => 'dd.mm.yy',

Alternatively you can use the current development version (https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/gitweb?p=mediawiki/extensions/SemanticFormsInputs.git;a=snapshot;h=refs/heads/master;sf=tgz) which should be stable.


F.trott (talk)07:50, 1 November 2012

Hi F.trott,

Thank you for your reply. The problem is solved by following exactly yours suggestion. I've changed the two erroneous lines in SemanticFormsInputs.i18n.php and everything works well. Thank you again.

have a nice day!

Lugant (talk)21:36, 1 November 2012

Multiple values for a menuselect field

Hi all,

I'm trying to use multiple values for a menuselect field. I tried to use a arraymap as Semantic Forms but it doesn't work. I don't know if it's possible but if it's case a help will be welcome. Thanks in advance

Fary10:34, 23 January 2012
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 08:26, 24 January 2012

I share my little progress despite I don't have what I would want. May be I can have a feedback that can help me!

I use a template and with the call

{{{for template|MyTemplate|multiple}}}

I can have the number of fields I want. But the problem is since I specify values ​​with a menuselect and when I edit the page for the first time values ​​do not appear and if I enter values by my hand it doesn't considere it!

I'm working on, if I have a solution I will share wiht you but if somebody has an idea it is welcome

Cheers., 23 January 2012

the previous post is mine! I forgot to identify myself

Fary17:05, 23 January 2012

Hi. I am not sure I understand the problem. Could you explain a bit more? Maybe using a concrete example?

F.trott10:17, 27 January 2012

Here is an example

{{{for template|InfrastructureType|multiple}}} 
{{{field|Infrastructure type|input type=menuselect |size=75
*Cultural Building
{{{end template}}}

the problem is when I create a page with this template the scrolling list doesn't display

Fary12:20, 27 January 2012

That's a bug, it definitely should display. I will investigate it.

F.trott12:31, 27 January 2012

Download Link Incorrect

The download link in the Infobox seems to point to a completely different extension.. "Lingo?"

Ashimema (talk)08:14, 6 July 2012

Oops, sorry. That's what you get from copy-pasting. I corrected the link. Thanks for the notification! Cheers,

F.trott (talk)08:25, 6 July 2012

Haha, No worries. Cheers for such a quick update, you beat me to it as I'd just found the correct one further down the page and was about to update it myself! Good work!

Ashimema (talk)08:27, 6 July 2012

Installed, but doesn't seem to take effect

Hi, I'm having trouble getting SFI to work at all on my site. I have it installed (confirmed by the Version page), as well as MediaWiki (1.18.1), Semantic MediaWiki (Version 1.7.1), Semantic Forms (Version 2.4.2), etc. However, when I try adding SFI fields (I copied the Datepicker, Timepicker, and Menuselect examples exactly), it's as though SFI isn't installed at all, I just get the regular text input field, (and a list below it for menuselect). I do get a Javascript error

jQuery("#sfForm").data("SemanticForms") is undefined,

but I'm not sure it's related, as I get the same error sometimes when there aren't any SFI fields on the page. I've tried the development version as well, and it doesn't seem to change anything.

I'm pretty much out of ideas; any help appreciated!

Iisai1821 (talk)16:38, 7 June 2012

Hi. The JavaScript error is related in that it crashes JavaScript. All the SFI inputs are designed to fall back to some standard input in case JavaScript is not available. That is what you see. Do you by any chance use a custom skin?

F.trott (talk)16:46, 7 June 2012

I'm using the 'danger' skin, but I just tested it in 'standard' and 'vector' and got the same results.

Thanks for your reply!

Iisai1821 (talk)17:26, 7 June 2012

On further investigation, the Javascript error only occurs when I 'Preview' a form - it isn't caused by the SFI field, and when I just save the form, with the field, without preview, there are no Javascript errors, and the datepicker and datetimepicker work! However, the menuselect field, which is what I really want to use, still doesn't. When the extension page says This does currently only work in the development version on SVN. does that refer to the whole menuselect field, or just linking internally?

Iisai1821 (talk)17:40, 7 June 2012

Up until yesterday I would have said, that sentence should be dropped. I tried it yesterday on an 1.18.3 mediawiki and it seemed to work. Can you try if it works on http://scratchpad.referata.com?

F.trott (talk)05:52, 8 June 2012

I get the same behavior as I do on my site. Maybe I'm using it wrong? I'm still copying the example: http://scratchpad.referata.com/wiki/Special:FormEdit/ActiveFormTest/Test_Page

Iisai1821 (talk)13:47, 8 June 2012

Very good, that helps a lot. I will investigate what could be the problem and come back to you.


F.trott (talk)14:34, 8 June 2012

Tiny tutorial for programming SFI?

Hi Stephan and all the developers! Would you mind to write sometime a tiny manual on how to program new Form Input?

Katkov Yury (talk)18:29, 5 May 2012

Hi Yury, a very short manual would probably be something like 1. Create a subclass of SFFormInput, e.g. call it MyNewInputClass 2. Register your new input like this: $sfgFormPrinter->registerInputType( 'MyNewInputClass' );

There are a few things to be aware of (e.g. the expected name attribute of the html input elements), but this is the basic idea. I think the SFI code improved a lot lately, so it should be possible to follow what is done there. E.g. have a look at the timepicker code. And if you come up with an input, that could be useful for others, consider contributing it!


F.trott (talk)08:25, 9 May 2012

I have almost finished with my FormsInput for picking multiple elements so I'll be able to expand your instructions a little bit. I still don't understand some things, would you mind to help me with them?

  • the name attribute of the form input sometimes have brackets like in it like this: input3[].
  • On the other hand sometimes we add an additional hidden element like
    Html::hidden($name . '[is_list]', 1)
  • And thirdly we have the method canHandleLists() to override.

It seems that all three thing are indicating that the form input can handle lists, but it's pretty weird to see three different pieces of code trying to say the same thing. :-)

Katkov Yury (talk)09:45, 9 May 2012

Sorry, I never developed any inputs capable of handling lists. You should contact Yaron about that. Cheers,

F.trott (talk)11:24, 9 May 2012

Timepicker slow

Just noticed in the code that the timepicker is a custom jquery-ui that uses fadeIn/fadeOut, I personally think this should be replaced by show/hide with a shorter timeout as it makes selection very slow. Maybe a better UI should be provided as mobile device will have hard time using this as it is really high in height.

TiCPU (talk)22:46, 3 May 2012

Hi TiCPU, show/hide would mean to have no timeout at all. Balancing the number of available choices with the need to have something that allows choosing the time with a minimum of mouse clicks/mouse mileage is challenging. If you have ideas on how an improved UI could work, I would be very interested.


F.trott (talk)22:53, 3 May 2012

Maybe a simple dropbox would be enough, as you can configure the increments and start/stop time, most user will use the scroll wheel and mobile will use their dropbox.

I tried using show/hide instead of fadein/out here and it works fine, I then changed the timeout from 400 show / 400 hide to 20 show / 100 hide with nice results, no more delay.

TiCPU (talk)06:40, 4 May 2012

You can use a simple dropbox already, there is an input type for that. And frankly, scrolling through dozens of values (e.g. 120 for 10 hours) is not my idea of what it should look like.

As for hide vs. fade. I think this is a matter of taste. I will think about shorter delays.

F.trott (talk)07:48, 4 May 2012

Datepicker doesn't show

Hi, I'm having a strange problem. Datepicker doesn't show in a wiki that is the same as far as I can see as another wiki where the datepicker works fine. I can't figure out where it goes wrong.

Both wiki's are the same in the sense that they have the same versions of MW (1.18.2), SMW (1.7.1), SF (2.4.2) and SFI (0.5), same preferences and same LocalSettings (as far as relevant).

Differences are that the wiki with datepicker showing is older and has been upgraded several times. The other one is a first installation with these versions. Other difference is that the ok wiki has a newer php version: 5.3.2 vs 5.2.11 for the nok wiki.

Thanks, AdSvS (talk) 10:28, 17 April 2012 (UTC)

10:28, 17 April 2012

Hi, jquery script located in the cache before SF upgraded. Try using the development version of Semantic Forms Inputs.

Pastakhov (talk)10:42, 17 April 2012

Hi, I've got version 0.6alpha now of SFI, but it still doesn't work :-(.

AdSvS (talk)11:30, 17 April 2012


are there any JavaScript errors reported? (Ctrl+J on Frefox)

F.trott (talk)17:51, 17 April 2012

Hi, there are no JavaScripts errors reported. Am not sure btw what you mean with the Ctrl+J thing. When I do that in Firefox I get the 'What links here' page. Replacing some things as Pastakhov suggested solved the problem.

AdSvS (talk)09:34, 19 April 2012

My bad, I meant Ctrl+Shift+J. It is supposed to open the JavaScript Error Console.

F.trott (talk)10:09, 19 April 2012

See Thread:Extension talk:Semantic Forms Inputs/jquery-ui files moved from SF to SMW. This work for me.

Pastakhov (talk)03:37, 18 April 2012

This works for me too. Thanks!

AdSvS (talk)09:24, 19 April 2012
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