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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: unmaintained

Implementation Tag
Description Supports LaTeX objects on wiki
Author(s) Peter Danenberg
Latest version 2.0-beta (3 July 2007)
License GPL
Download SVN/wikitex/trunk/revision 289
Documentation at Wikisophia
Example Wikitex at Wikisophia

Translate the WikiTeX extension if it is available at translatewiki.net

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Development on WikiTeX has been on-going since 2003, and was primarily a means to bring LaTeX notation for objects such as chess, music, math into MediaWiki.

The long-term strategy of WikiTeX is incorporation into the Zend Engine, so as to allow the direct invocation of WikiTeX from within PHP; or even as an Apache handler, so as to immediately translate markup. WikiTeX has been ported from PHP to C for that very purpose.

Supported objects[edit | edit source]

GNU Lilypond Sheet music
Graphviz graphs
Gnuplot plotting
TIPA Phonetics
Go Game notation
XyMTeX Chemistry
Feynman diagrams mathematical expressions governing the behavior of subatomic particles
Tengwar fictional script

Installation[edit | edit source]

Prerequisites are: PHP 5.2+ compiled with cURL and XML-RPC, MediaWiki 1.6+ and mod_tex 0.1[1]

At the command line enter (use the username anonymous and the password is blank):

svn checkout http://svn.wikitex.org/wikitex/trunk/ foo
  • Move (or copy) foo/wikitex to wiki/extensions/wikitex
  • Make sure that the cache directory is writable by the web server.
 chmod 775 cache; chgrp apache cache
  • Copy wikitex/config/default.php to local.php;
  • Edit local.php to change the modtex server URL line to suit, eg:
public static $URL = 'http://modtex.org/modtex/';
  • Add to LocalSettings.php:

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Mediawiki and LaTeX on a host with shell access:wikitex

References[edit | edit source]

  1. WikiTeX readme, release beta 2.0, 2007

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