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Wikimedia Labs is a two-part project aimed at helping volunteers get involved in Wikimedia operations and software development. The first part of this project is Test/Dev Labs, and the second part is Tool Labs. (For an explanation of various different usages of the term "labs", see wikitech:Labs labs labs.)

Background[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia's infrastructure and software was built and originally completely administered by community volunteers. As the site has grown over time the operations infrastructure and software development has been dominated by Wikimedia Foundation staff. While the Foundation's increased involvement has had a positive effect, we would like to reverse the trend of less volunteerism and more staff. Wikimedia Labs was started in 2011/12 to help our community to contribute code, by creating a virtualized environment that anyone can use to make changes to infrastructure or software, demo the changes, have the code reviewed, and ultimately pushed to production.

It can also be used for small projects that are Wikimedia-related but distinct from the software used in production. For example, a project might present information from the MediaWiki API of a WMF project in a new way.

Access[edit | edit source]

You can create a Labs account by creating an account on wikitech.

Having a Labs account gives you access to Labs, Gerrit (our code review system) and a few other developer-related tools.

Implementation[edit | edit source]

The architecture is described on Wikitech. The software for controlling this environment is implemented as a MediaWiki extension, and is described on

Roadmap[edit | edit source]

For the roadmap, please see Wikimedia Labs's goals for 2014-15 (past roadmaps: 2012-13, 2013-14; see also /Tool Labs/Roadmap en which describes the migration from Toolserver to Tool Labs in 2013/14).

Open tasks[edit | edit source]

We'd love help with all of the below!

Development and sysadmin tasks
  • Enable IPv6
  • Integrate RT with Labs LDAP (is this still relevant?)
  • Create a second zone in eqiad (the zone exists but not yet in operation)
  • Push OpenStackManager changes to show SSH fingerprints for instances
  • Add DNS support to Nova
    • We added support for this in essex, but there's now an OpenStack project called Moniker we'll use instead. Waiting for it to enter incubation.
Product tasks


Proposals[edit | edit source]

Completed[edit | edit source]

Documents[edit | edit source]

Introduction to the toolserver and to Wikimedia Labs by Ryan Lane and Daniel Kinzler at the San Francisco Hackathon January 2012.

Communications[edit | edit source]