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This describes how moderation works in Flow at time of writing the article. This may change in the future.

States & permissions[edit | edit source]

There are 4 states: (none), hidden, deleted, suppressed.

When a post is in a moderated state, it will either be not visible at all (is users have no permissions to see it), or be replaced by a "Comment <moderated> by <user>" message. Said message can be clicked to reveal the original message.

To see moderated posts, users need these permissions (based on default permission defined in Flow.php - this may be different with custom config):

  • hidden: any user
  • deleted: sysop (so completely hidden for non-sysops)
  • suppressed: oversight (so completely hidden for non-oversighters)

A moderated post or topic - hidden/deleted/suppressed post or topic. This post will Not be editable by another users. Editing text of someone else message is not moderation.

Revision[edit | edit source]

Every action on a topic/post (or header) will create a new revision. Edits, moderation, ... all generate a new revision.

In Flow, it is only possible to moderate the most recent revision of a topic or post (thus creating a new revision with the new moderation status). The moderation status of this last revision, combined with the moderation status of a specific revision of a post, is what will determine if anything can be seen.


  • When a post with 30 revisions (edits, anything, ...) is suppressed, none of the previous (and current) revisions will be accessible for anyone with non-suppression permissions.
  • When that post is later restored (unsuppressed), all of the previous revisions are available to anyone again. The suppress + restore revisions will not be available for anyone with non-suppression permissions, though.
  • Again, when suppressed, nothing at all will be visible.
  • ...