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See also Flow/Architecture/API and Gerrit change 107411

Most Flow API read and write interactions are submodules of action=flow

action=query&prop=flowinfo[edit | edit source]

Indicates if Flow is enabled on the specified pages.

prop=flowinfo (fli)

(main | query | flowinfo)
  • This module requires read rights.

Get basic Flow information about a page.

action=flow[edit | edit source]

All action=flow requests take the following parameters:

  • submodule: The specific flow submodule you want to use. See below for docs on each of them
  • workflow: Id of the workflow to take action upon
  • page: Page title of the page to take action upon
  • token: An edit token (see API:Tokens). This is required for all write modules.
  • render: Include this to have an HTML rendering be returned in the output. Used by the extension's JS modules.

For any action that posts data, you will need a token, which defeats cross-site request forgery. To get this, use meta=tokens: Gets a CSRF token

new-topic[edit | edit source]

Creates new topics on the given page or workflow Create a new topic with the subject of "The new topic" and content of "Content of new topic".

You can add ntmetadataonly=1 if you do not need the full topic list.

action=flow-parsoid-utils[edit | edit source]

Wrapper for converting code between wikitext and html.