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== Galleries for topic pages ==
Create the concept of a gallery for any type of topic page (Article, User, Wiktionary, Wikivoyage) where a user can search and contribute images from commons.

Interested persons:
# ''(add yourself)''


Regular contributors plus some newcomers hack together with a shared goal.

Recommendation engines[edit]

A lot of regular users end up reading one article on Wikipedia (through Google Search) and other articles which they need as pre-requisites. It would be interesting to have a recommendation engine for Wikipedia, Wikiquotes and Wikisource.

Interested persons:

  1. Aarti Dwivedi
  2. Maximilianklein
  3. (add yourself)

Production-like Vagrant[edit]

Our goal is to make a handful of high-priority puppet roles available to MediaWiki-Vagrant to make developer instances of Vagrant closer to a production-like environment. The ultimate idea is to provide a uniform developer-focussed instance to Mediawiki engineers to facilitate better testing of new and existing code, while also making it easy for new engineers to get started hacking on Mediawiki and Mediawiki with minimal friction for bringing new features to production. The first hurdle will be to provide some crucial production services in MediaWiki-Vagrant, which will be our focus for the Hackathon. Possible services to focus on include

  • Varnish
  • SSL
  • MariaDB
  • Memcache/Redis
  • CentralAuth
    • Possibly multiversion support?
  • configure MW and set of apps in a way to mimic production but for performance tweaks (cf https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/119216/)
  • Prepared XML dump import

For more information, view our notes from initial conversations about this project as well as notes from our followup conversation.

For what's actually happening at the hackathon, check out our hackathon notes.

Interested persons:

  1. Arthur Richards
  2. Yuvi Panda
  3. Ori Livneh
  4. Matt Flaschen
  5. Bryan Davis
  6. Andrew Otto
  7. QChris
  8. CSteipp
  9. Tony Thomas
  10. Mglaser
  11. Swidmann
  12. Robert Vogel
  13. Bruno Perel
  14. Smuggli
  15. Faidon Liambotis
  16. Parent5446
  17. Juliusz Gonera
  18. MarkAHershberger
  19. Silke Meyer
  20. Aude - interested though my time will be split at hackathon with maps and wikidata stuff.
  21. Jan Zerebecki

Maps integration[edit]


The idea is to bring pin map templates, geohack, wikiminiatlas, openstreetmap, Extension:Maps, Special:NearBy, mobile, coordinates extension etc etc etc, more together in a way that works for mobile, desktop, micro and macro contributions. It would be handy if before hand we can do some exploratory work to create a more focused effort during the hackathon: Zürich Hackathon 2014/Geo Namespace.

Interested persons:

  1. Jdlrobson
  2. TheDJ
  3. MaxSem
  4. Duesentrieb
  5. Kolossos
  6. Susannaanas
  7. Yug
  8. Aude
  9. TheDJ
  10. Micha L. Rieser Maps can also be generated with the data of the open government data portals and QGIS.
  11. Bruno Perel
  12. Dan Andreescu
  13. Faidon Liambotis
  14. Ilario
  15. datendelphin
  16. Multichill
  17. Micru If it happens on Sat.
  18. Jkan997

Additional sub-topics[edit]

Wikimaps project[edit]

Description of the relationships of program parts in the WIkimaps project

There are topics for meetings/sprints with a wider developer/designer/GLAM advocate community with the Wikimaps project. We are hoping to set up a corner for continuous workshopping and an event for kick-off discussions in quite the beginning of the event.

  • Template:Map for archival metadata, geolocation and temporal properties of maps. For inclusion in the GWToolset.
  1. Susanna Ånäs and André Costa (WMSE).
  • Map gadget: Apply the map template to a map image in Commons with a gadget.
If your skills apply, please volunteer!
I wont be making it to the hackathon for visa issues, would love to volunteer though. Jeph Paul
  • Map upload wizard: Apply the map template to an uploaded image (or any other template).
Can we get support from WMF for this?
  • Spatiotemporal gazetteer: How to model change of a place over time in Wikidata? What are limits of notability or granularity?
  • Linking OHM/OSM to Wikidata: Where to store which data? What technologies are used? What are licensing issues?
Discussion (see also new Wikidata property OSM tag or key)
  • Dreaming the maps interfaces: How to roughly place an old map in coordinates? How to search for maps? How would you use maps?
Paper prototypes and heated debates in the Maps corner

Join planning in https://trello.com/b/J6f96Vcw/zurich-hackathon-ideas.

--Susannaanas (talk) 10:47, 15 April 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Historical Maps of Zurich on the open data portal of Zurich[edit]

It is possible to get the Maps of the open government data portal under CC0: Example of Stadtplan of 1793 Maybe it would be a good task to "milk" that map and store the maps in Commons. --Micha 11:18, 2 April 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Moving from Toolserver to Labs[edit]

  • Reactivate the community we had on maps-l and Toolserver, bring new into the game
  • Optimize render stack, tools and frontends
  • Updating styles, create new styles
  • Playing with PostGIS (we have OSM data, WIWOSM and Wikipedia-coordinates there)
  • Talking about new ideas and priorities
  • I would be glad to give people introductions for first steps in GIS

--Kolossos 18:09, 24 April 2014 (UTC)[reply]

--->moved OSM-Gadget to Labs. | Hangout to the render stack | Plan to bring WP-coords to Wikidata

Geocoding with Wikidata[edit]

  • using classes in Wikidata as a better way than the existing object types in Wikipedia-Geocoding.
  • Connecting Wikidata with OSM, e.g. OSM-Tagging
  • Creating tools to help the community (only 30% of all geo-objects are member in a class).

--Kolossos 18:09, 24 April 2014 (UTC)[reply]

--->Announcement on wikidata-l , Lot of discussions

Future of Wikimedia-Maps[edit]

  • What we expect from the Maps & Geo Team?
  • Where should be the priorities?
  • How will maps in Wikimedia-projects looks in future?
  • What can we do as community?

--Kolossos 19:29, 7 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]

--->Lot of discussions

Data & Developer Hub[edit]

Help us make the documentation of our APIs better! We're in the process of building a Data & Developer Hub that can help inspire developers everywhere to build new things using data available from Wikimedia projects and be a central location with documentation that is clear and helpful.

Interested persons:

  1. Moiz Syed
  2. Juliusz Gonera
  3. Jared Zimmerman
  4. Qgil
  5. Sumana Harihareswara
  6. Ilario
  7. whym - if an API user's perspective is useful.
  8. guillom
  9. Peter Coombe (talk)

Bug report triaging[edit]

Bug triaging refers to improving the quality of bug reports and enhancement requests in bugzilla.wikimedia.org. The exact triage topic of this sprint remains to be defined (no coding is planned but nobody would stop you either). Which bug reports in which area would you like to take a look at together? Or bring your existing bug reports - we can give them a shot or discuss best practices how to triage them and keep them in good shape!

Interested persons:

  1. Andre (Bugwrangler)
  2. Parent5446
  3. Qgil
  4. CSteipp

GLAMwiki toolset[edit]

The GLAMwiki toolset makes it easier for libraries, archives and museums in partnership with Wikimedia Commons to make large contributions of content to Wikimedia Commons. Get to know the tool and help us create a prioritized development roadmap for it.

We also need additional developers to help us continue to improve the tool and handle incoming bugs. If you’re interested please come by and ask us how you can get involved.

Interested persons:

  1. Dan-nl
  2. Kelson
  3. Chandres
  4. Multichill -- At least want to get bugzilla:64843 fixed and maybe more.
  5. Rromir

MediaWiki 1.23 bugfix sprint[edit]

We plan to publish another release candidate of MediaWiki 1.23 during the Hackathon. Yet, there are still a few known bugs with this: see bugzilla. The hackaton will be a great chance of bringing a few people together to tackle these issues.

Interested persons:

  1. Mglaser
  2. Mark A. Hershberger
  3. Robert Vogel

Snuggle l10n & OAuth sprint[edit]

Snuggle (en:WP:Snuggle) is a late (at least not the earliest) adopter of OAuth and that's a shame. There's also requests to extend support to Portuguese and Italian Wikipedias. In this sprint we'll discuss & design UI changes to support an OAuth handshake with MediaWiki. In parallel, we'll also be extending Snuggle's configuration to support IT and PT wikis. Italian and Portuguese Wikipedians needed to help with localization.

Interested persons:

  1. Halfak (WMF)
  2. Nemo As requested by Gianfranco. :) Will try to get some other Italian join too.
  3. (add yourself)


Experts meet novices to share knowledge in hands-on tasks.

Integration of Open Government Data in Wikidata and other Wikimedia projects[edit]


There are a lot of open government data evolving with interesting data which can be used for wikimedia projects. For example: The data of polls and referendums, the population of cities and municipalities, the public art in cities (interesting for Wiki Loves Public Art). How can the data of that portals be transfered automatically to the wikimedia projects. For example generating a script on the tool server which checks daily if some numbers have changed. If yes, it transfers the data to wikidata and from there the data is included in the infoboxes of the Wikipedia articles. Or how can the list of public arts or of other objects (ex. fountains) in wikipedia be updated automatically if there is a new object or an object has been removed.

As a concrete task we will promote the integration of demographic data from the open data platform ([1]) to wikidata for integrating the data in the specific articles of the districts. Ex. in the german article of the Rathaus District.

Interested persons:

  1. Micha L. Rieser
  2. Marco Sieber
  3. Beat Estermann
  4. Kelson
  5. Oliver Waddell
  6. Manuel Schneider
  7. Mglaser

The RACHEL Project[edit]

RACHEL (www.rachel.worldpossible.org) is now reaching over one million users worldwide who lack access to reliable internet. The project was a weekend prototype by just a few Cisco employees years ago. Please consider lending your web development, perl skills (dev.worldposible.org), or linux ideas to help us enhance this fantastic product (as seen on BBC, CNN, RaspberryPi.org and much more). Currently, foreign language wikipedia inclusion requires running a second webserver dedicated to wikipedia, an inefficient use of resources in places where these are scarce. Help us integrate foreign language wikipedia without running a second server (biblioteca.worldpossible.org).

Interested persons:

  1. Jeremy Schwartz <jeremy@worldpossible.org>
  2. (add yourself)

Wikibase architecture overview[edit]

An introduction to the Wikibase architecture and components aimed at potential new contributors. Wikibase is the software behind the Wikidata project. In this session you will get a high level overview of the wider wikibase codebase, which functionality can be found where, and how the different parts interact. Novice developers can attend, no special knowledge is required.

Interested persons:

  1. Jeroen De Dauw
  2. Mglaser
  3. Robert Vogel
  4. Maximilianklein
  5. Bruno Perel
  6. Ilario
  7. MarkAHershberger
  8. Multichill Mainly interested in how to keep the Wikibase extension and Pywikibot implementation in sync.
  9. Stephan Gambke
  10. Micru If it happens on Sat.
  11. Addshore
  12. Duesentrieb

Clean Code[edit]

Full title: Clean Code, and other requirements for contributing to Wikibase

This is an introduction to the topic of clean code. It covers basic design principles, effective use of tests, and many general best practices. Want to know how to write code that is easier to maintain? Want to avoid spending so much time in the debugger? Want to write code that reads like well written prose? Want to become more effective at the craft of software development? Then this session is definitely for you.

This introduction is broad and covers a lot of ground. While many topics will not be covered in the depth they deserve, references to other material will be provided. The focus on the most common problem points and practical solutions.

A lot of the topics that will be covered are part of the contribution guidelines for the Wikibase software. Examples from Wikibase will also be used in places, though this session is by no means Wikibase specific.

Interested persons:

  1. Jeroen De Dauw
  2. Mglaser
  3. Swidmann
  4. Robert Vogel
  5. Tpt
  6. Smuggli
  7. Stwalkerster
  8. MarkAHershberger
  9. Stephan Gambke
  10. Addshore

Mobile walk-in and talk-in[edit]

Is mobile a mystery to you? Can't get MobileFrontend setup? Don't understand why your favourite desktop features don't work on mobile? Want to know how to work on the latest Wikipedia apps? Do you want to make mobile things and don't know how? Does one of your projects look great on a desktop and terrible on a mobile device?

This workshop will be an unstructured session where you can ask all these questions and get some answers. Members of the mobile team will be available to answer your questions and give you hands on help on anything you need.

Interested persons:

  1. Robert Vogel
  2. Juliusz Gonera
  3. Shahyar Ghobadpour

mediawiki.ui for developers[edit]

mw-ui-button mw-ui-constructive mw-ui-quiet mw-ui-lolwtfbbq

mediawiki.ui implements the evolving "Agora" visual style for buttons and forms in MediaWiki software. Learn how to apply it in your extensions and gadgets to deliver attractive consistent appearance. Actual real-life visual designers will be on-hand to give you advice and get feedback about what controls would be useful.

  • Slides (has links to mw UI Trello, Flow, etc.)

Interested persons:

  1. S Page (WMF)
  2. May Galloway
  3. Shahyar Ghobadpour
  4. Tpt
  5. AalekhN
  6. Peter Coombe
  7. Swidmann
  8. Robert Vogel
  9. Juliusz Gonera
  10. Stephan Gambke
  11. whym
  12. Mwalker (WMF)

Flow for bot and tool developers[edit]

Flow is a modern discussion and collaboration system for WMF wikis. However, Flow pages aren't talk pages, so bots and semi-automated editing tools (e.g., Huggle, Twinkle) will have to adapt to handle them. Come explore the new Flow API and help us make improvements that will support some of the most important processes on our projects!

Interested persons:

  1. S Page (WMF)
  2. Benny Situ
  3. Mlitn
  4. Shahyar Ghobadpour
  5. Maryana (WMF)
  6. Ladsgroup
  7. Duesentrieb
  8. Robert Vogel
  9. Maximilianklein
  10. Bruno Perel
  11. Stwalkerster
  12. MarkAHershberger
  13. Danny Horn (WMF)

MediaWiki-Vagrant Bootcamp[edit]

Introduction to using MediaWiki-Vagrant to manage a development environment for hacking on MediaWiki. We'll do a really quick high level look at what Vagrant is and how MediaWiki-Vagrant uses and extends it. Then we'll learn just enough Puppet to understand what "roles" are and how to use them to configure your MediaWiki-Vagrant instance. Participants will then get hands on by creating roles to install and configure extensions used on Commons that are not yet available in MediaWiki-Vagrant.

Interested persons:

  1. Bryan Davis
  2. Greg Grossmeier
  3. Andrew Otto
  4. Tony Thomas
  5. Swidmann
  6. Robert Vogel
  7. Bruno Perel
  8. Faidon Liambotis
  9. Matthew Flaschen
  10. Stephan Gambke
  11. Silke Meyer
  12. Waldir
  13. Jean-Fred (talk) 08:03, 9 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]
  14. Jan Zerebecki
  15. Arthur Richards (talk) 09:28, 9 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Learn to work with Zuul and Jenkins Job Builder[edit]

A tutorial with User:Hashar and User:MarkTraceur about how to add and maintain jobs in Jenkins on the WMF infrastructure.

Interested persons:

  1. QChris
  2. Greg (WMF)
  3. Andrew Otto
  4. Nikerabbit
  5. Seb35
  6. Tony Thomas
  7. Bryan Davis
  8. Juliusz Gonera
  9. S Page (WMF)
  10. Stephan Gambke
  11. Addshore
  12. Mwalker (WMF)
  13. Jean-Fred (talk) 08:04, 9 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]
  14. Codrin.B

Tool Labs workshop[edit]

An event-long workshop with Coren; hands-on migration, debugging and creation of tools on the Tool Labs. Join in and leave at any time; there will be impromptu and planned breakaway tutorials on various related topics as interest demands (planned: using gridengine tutorial, database query optimization (including federated tables), how to deploy web services).

Interested persons:

  1. Tony Thomas
  2. Swidmann
  3. Ilario
  4. Silke Meyer ;)

OAuth Workshop[edit]

Tutorial and opportunity to pair with CSteipp to get your tools/bots using OAuth for authentication and/or authorized access into MediaWiki.

Interested persons:

  1. Waldir (for Primerpedia)
  2. Stwalkerster (for ACC)
  3. User:Halfak (WMF) (for en:WP:Snuggle)
  4. Addshore

How to help pywikibot[edit]

Pywikibot is the most popular framework for running bots but how we can help improving pywikibot? There are several ways to help including solving and reporting bugs, wrangling bugs, bug triage and areas of developing including support of Wikibase and Wikidata, porting functionality from compat to core, and or network optimization (in order to reduce pressure on WMF servers)

Interested persons:

  1. Ladsgroup
  2. Maximilianklein
  3. Multichill I would like to see a session on the future of Pywikibot (like this) but I'm not sure if we have the right people at this hackathon. Maybe we should move that part to the Wikimania hackathon.
  4. Antoine "hashar" Musso would like to setup an integration test that runs pywikibot against MediaWiki core master and wmf branches.
  5. whym - interested in adding more tests for scripts I use.
  6. Jean-Fred (talk) 08:04, 9 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]
  7. S Page (WMF) would like to help Pywikibot a) not break when it comes across a Flow board and b) eventually be Flow-aware similar to how Pywikibot "knows" about Wikidata pages. See Flow API and the session #Flow for bot and tool developers

Translate extension workshop[edit]

Nikerabbit is there to explain how the Translate extension works. Let's fix your most wanted (or hated) Translate bugs together or work on new features.

Possible bigger topics to work on, depending on the interest:

  • Repository management. Translatewiki.net is using a collection of shell scripts to manage all repositories where translations are exported to and imported from. Lack of better repository management is blocking further progress on areas like automation of imports and exports.
  • How will page translation work with Parsoid and VisualEditor.
  • Let's provide more useful statistics about translation activity in nicer format.
  • Translation memory improvements.

Translate extension provides an translation editor, support for many different types of content, translation memory, statistics ad lots more. It is also very old and big extension, while also adopting new technologies like composer and CSS grid based interface.

Interested persons:

  1. Nikerabbit
  2. Nemo
  3. Siebrand
  4. Duesentrieb
  5. Seb35
  6. Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
  7. Peter Coombe
  8. Bruno Perel
  9. Smuggli
  10. Codrin.B


  • gerrit:132384: Proof of concept of a terminology aid; for a true such functionnality, the UI should be thought, the performance should be improved, and workflows should be specified in details


Using the content handler facility for managing structured content on wikis. This is aimed mainly at extension developers who want to handle non-textual content on wiki pages.

Friday, 3pm, Room 2. https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/wmhack2014_ContentHandler

Interested persons:

  1. Duesentrieb
  2. Nikerabbit (If time permits)
  3. Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
  4. Swidmann
  5. Robert Vogel
  6. Addshore
  7. Smuggli
  8. Oliver Waddell
  9. S Page (WMF)
  10. MarkAHershberger
  11. Stephan Gambke
  12. Mwalker (WMF)


  • (see notes above)
  • A couple demos of map & viz hacks used or planned to use ContentHandler based on what they learned here
  • Extension:EmbedScript migrated to ContentHandler, looking at turning it into structured code! -brion (talk)

Refactoring Core for Fame and Profit[edit]

This session will show how to refactor parts of MediaWiki core in order to improve modularity. The focus will be on backwards compatibility and testability. The TitleValue RFC will serve as an example.

Interested persons:

  1. Duesentrieb
  2. Robert Vogel
  3. Smuggli

Working with Historical Monuments Data[edit]

In this workshop we will look into ways how to work with data concerning historical monuments in the context of Wikipedia/Wikidata. Aspects that could be covered are:

  • Transfer historical monuments data from lists on Wikipedia to Wikidata;
  • Import historical monuments data from third party data sets to Wikidata;
  • Generate monuments lists in Wikipedia based on data stored in Wikidata;
  • Find easy ways to edit monuments lists in Wikidata;
  • Use historical monuments data stored in Wikidata in a mobile web application (How does it work in practice? What are the requirements regarding the data in Wikidata?);
  • Document the workflow and estimate the resources (volunteers, competencies, etc.) needed to include historical maps from Switzerland into the Wikimaps project framework;
  • Use historical maps from Switzerland, prepared by tools provided by the Wikimaps project, in a mobile web application focusing on historical monuments.

There are thematic overlaps with the proposed activities regarding the Wikimaps project, historical maps of Zurich, and the integration of open government data in Wikidata (see above).

Interested persons:

  1. Beat Estermann
  2. Metaodi
  3. Oliver Waddell
  4. Multichill See also d:Wikidata:Cultural heritage task force.
  5. Mglaser


I'd like to show people how they can write tours for GuidedTour and the enhancements we're working on.

Interested persons:

  1. Matt Flaschen
  2. (add yourself)


Complex questions are discussed in depth until reaching a decision.

Future of version control, bug reporting and other developer tools[edit]

The work continues in Phabricator. The links to the three hangouts we created are also there.


It's been 2 years since we setup the current infrastructure around developer tools with Gerrit and Jenkins. Not everyone's happy and things break more often than we like. Additionally there's been rumblings for years about getting rid of Bugzilla. I think it's high time we have a discussion about what we envision our ideal development environment to be and figure out what it would take to get us there. Are there any tools (hint hint: Phabricator) that can help get us most of the way there?

Interested persons:

  1. Chad
  2. AKlapper
  3. guillom
  4. S Page (WMF)
  5. QChris
  6. Jdforrester (WMF)
  7. Greg (WMF)
  8. Maryana (WMF)
  9. Duesentrieb
  10. Tony Thomas
  11. Waldir
  12. Bryan Davis
  13. Mglaser
  14. Swidmann
  15. Faidon Liambotis
  16. Parent5446
  17. Juliusz Gonera
  18. Qgil
  19. MarkAHershberger
  20. Matt Flaschen
  21. whym
  22. CSteipp
  23. Addshore
  24. Mwalker (WMF)
  25. Shahyar Ghobadpour
  26. Arthur Richards (talk) 09:28, 9 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Wikimedia Phabricator Day 1[edit]

Let's discuss Requests for comment/Phabricator/Plan and the related project in fab.wmflabs.org.

  1. Qgil
  2. Andre

Architecture discussion[edit]

A continuation of our past architecture meetings where we discuss the future of MediaWiki's internal design. Specifically, in Sunday's discussion, we will discuss Performance guidelines, answer last questions and polish last rough edges, and hopefully remove the draft tag.

Discussion: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/performance
Outcome: Performance guidelines got a lot of good feedback and is now nearly done. Sharihareswara (WMF) (talk) 18:31, 23 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Interested persons:

  1. RobLa-WMF
  2. Jdforrester (WMF)
  3. Hoo man
  4. Nikerabbit (depends on the topics)
  5. Duesentrieb
  6. Aude
  7. Bryan Davis
  8. Mglaser
  9. Robert Vogel
  10. Addshore
  11. Smuggli
  12. Faidon Liambotis
  13. Parent5446
  14. MarkAHershberger
  15. Micru If it happens on Sat. Pending RFC: page namespace association.
  16. CSteipp
  17. Mwalker (WMF)
  18. Arthur Richards (talk) 09:28, 9 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]
  19. Matt Flaschen

Tech People meeting Regular Users[edit]

A workshop (preferably in the early evening) to invite local users, beginners but also power users, who want to learn more about MediaWiki, our infrastructure and more. Kind of a "Ask the Developers" session but more informal.

Invite the local Wikipedia meet-up.

Interested persons:

  1. Manuel Schneider
  2. Hoo man Did similar things before, also am de-n
  3. Jdforrester (WMF)
  4. Duesentrieb
  5. Tony Thomas
  6. Swidmann
  7. Qgil
  8. Ilario
  9. MarkAHershberger
  10. guillom

OpenPGP/GnuPG key signing party[edit]

A OpenPGP/GnuPG key signing party to strengthen the Web of Trust. There is no central key registry for this key signing party. Instead it will simply be a paper slip exchange. Bring

  • paper slips with your key id, fingerprint, name & emails, and
  • something to identify yourself (usually a government-issued identification, such as a passport).

If you need to make paper slips, you can for example use generators, or print copies of the output of gpg --fingerprint $YOUR_KEY_ID

Given the list below, bringing 25 of your paper slips should be plenty and also cover people joining us spontaneously.

If you still need to print paper slips, the friendly people at the registration desk can print a PDF for you.

After the party[edit]

Interested persons:

  1. QChris
  2. Nemo Why not.
  3. Duesentrieb
  4. Mglaser
  5. Swidmann
  6. Robert Vogel
  7. Stwalkerster
  8. Faidon Liambotis
  9. Oliver Waddell
  10. Parent5446
  11. MarkTraceur sure
  12. MarkAHershberger
  13. datendelphin
  14. Stephan Gambke
  15. Seb35
  16. CSteipp
  17. Mwalker (WMF)
  18. Jan Zerebecki
  19. Arthur Richards (talk) 09:28, 9 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]
  20. Greg (WMF) (talk)
  21. Micha 12:22, 10 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Wikidata in 2020[edit]

Let's talk about the long-term plans and ideas you have for Wikidata.


Interested persons:

  1. Lydia Pintscher (WMDE)
  2. Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
  3. Mglaser
  4. Maximilianklein
  5. Daniel Mietchen
  6. Addshore
  7. Bruno Perel
  8. Tpt
  9. Ilario
  10. Multichill
  11. Micru If it happens on Sat.
  12. whym - interested in Wiktionary integration.
  13. Waldir
  14. Codrin.B


Proposals that seem to need clarification. Feel free moving them in any of the categories above.

Local Wikipedia forks[edit]

"Semi-autonomous instances of localized Wikipedia". Expand on the work of SOS Children, the Rachel Project to create packaged snapshots of Wikipedia contents that can be deployed on local storage e.g. SD cards in a tablet computer, 3G WiFi router, etc. and on a Raspberry Pi, etc. Ideally there'll be bi-directional updates from the local instance to Wikipedia and from Wikipedia to the local instance - asynchronous synchronization. People using one of these snapshot instances would be able to create new content and revise existing contents. One of the main goals is to help extend the reach locality and relevance of Wikipedia for people throughout the world.

I've been doing some work in this area already and will bring hardware, etc. to demo and test our work.

There's lots of known-unknowns for this project. With your help I hope we'll be able to

Interested persons:

  1. Julian Harty
  2. Seb35 I’m thinking about an asynchronous MediaWiki with a git-like workflow; I was not aware of existing ideas like the pages linked here.
  3. (add yourself)

Possibly interested:

  1. Nemo Not interested if it's yet another offline Wikipedia work, but I'd be interested if this was focused on Kiwix/ZIM incremental updates + the ability to edit locally (and then submit changes).
  2. Waldir Only interested in the bi-directionality (i.e. "edit feature"). cf. Distributed Wikipedia.


  • Except for the "edit feature", what you mean seems to exist already. At least two Kiwix developers will be there during the 3 days. 09:11, 7 February 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Extend VisualEditor[edit]

VisualEditor has been around for quite a while. As an extension developer, it's time to think about how you can integrate your extension. There are several topics that we'll need to talk about:

  • How can my extension make use of / add to the VE?
  • Does my code survive the round trip?
  • How is my extension's code displayed in the VE?
  • How can I write dialogs that allow the user to easily edit my tags?
  • How can I add functionality to the VE in general?

We as a developer community need to explore the workings of the VE, this session is intended to be a starter.

Interested persons:

  1. Mglaser
  2. Jdforrester (WMF)
  3. Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
  4. Swidmann
  5. Robert Vogel
  6. Tpt
  7. MarkAHershberger
  8. Stephan Gambke
  9. Codrin.B

Possibly interested:

  1. Bruno Perel
  2. Oliver Waddell

Etherpad: http://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/ExtendingVE

The new face of MediaWiki.org[edit]

There's an initiative to rework MediaWiki.org. We should discuss the plans and outcomes in order to make MediaWiki.org a site that is easy to use and valuable to all of us, be it users, site maintainers, core and extension developers and any other interested parties. Let's go over the new design and make this a state-of-the-art site a so wide spread software like MediaWiki deserves!

Interested persons:

  1. Mglaser
  2. Waldir
  3. Peter Coombe
  4. Qgil

Performance guidelines[edit]

Let's get a draft of the performance guidelines nitpicked and approved. Update: This moved into the architecture meeting.

Interested persons:

  1. Sharihareswara (WMF)
  2. Matt Flaschen
  3. (add yourself)