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This page is a translated version of the page XTools/Automated Edits and the translation is 17% complete.

The Automated Edits (or simply Auto Edits) tool analyzes edits a user made using semi-automated or fully-automated tools. It also can list edits that were not made using those tools. These are called non-automated edits.

Auto Edits was mainly designed as a means to show mainspace edits a user made that are prose. That is, adding actual content to articles, as opposed to making minor fixes using automated tools. For this reason, the default namespace is the mainspace.

From the form, you can select other namespaces and limit the results to a date range. Additionally, the "Tool" dropdown allows you to show edits the user made using only the specified tool. If you select "None", you will see a list of non-automated edits by the user. If you select "All", you will see only edits the user made using (semi-)automation.


The summary section shows the raw number of edits the user made using (semi-)automated tools. Please note that this is an approximation based on the known (semi-)automated tools, as defined at meta:MediaWiki:XTools-AutoEdits.json.

You can view edits made using a specific tool by clicking on the Count link in the corresponding row.

(Полу)автоматических правок

This section lists all the known (semi-)automated tools the user has edited with, and a count of the times they used them, along with a pie chart. You can hover over the rows in the table and select the ✕ icon on the left to selectively hide specific tools, if you wish.

Запросить добавление нового (полу)автоматического инструмента

XTools Auto Edits works off of a community-maintained list of known (semi-)automated tools at meta:MediaWiki:XTools-AutoEdits.json. You can request additions on the talk page.

Неавтоматические правки

This section lists contributions made by the user without the use of (semi-)automated tools. There is pagination so you can browse through older edits.