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Wiktionary Mobile/App Feature List

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The current project for the UCOSP Spring 2012 team.

Wiktionary Mobile Application Tasks[edit]

First priority Nothing right now!

Second priority

  • Caching pages [Someone else]

Third priority

  • Bookmarking pages
  • Editing pages
  • Voice commands [Dale researched - not convinced it adds much value (as mentioned at standup)]
  • Alternate languages
  • Audio pronunciation of words [Tony]
  • Shake for anagram
  • Log in to wiktionary account
  • Ensure 'accelerated editing' is available to editors.
    Example prepared page wikt:User:Mutante/German nouns



  • Copy word to clipboard [accomplished with Select Text feature]
  • Copy word and definition to clipboard [Accomplished with Select Text feature]
  • Share link to other apps
  • Fix misspellings / Did you mean? [from WikipediaMobile]
  • Changed app icon to be appropriate for Wiktionary [Dale]
  • Custom CSS/JS for Wiktionary [Patrick]
  • Interface with Wiktionary (API calls) [Patrick/Dale]
  • Design frontend [Tony/Shea]
  • Remove nearby [Tony]
  • Detecting languages [Patrick]
  • “look up in wiktionary” [Dale]
  • Word of the day [Shea]
  • Search typeahead
  • Recently viewed /History [done for us]

Fixed bugs

  • Bringing up the menu when first loading app does not work?
  • Null reference to variable b in wm_toggle_section (fix in WikipediaMobile)