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Every month a set Wikistats data are collected for Limn by a set of perl scripts:


  • read counts for binaries which were generated by wikistats and which reside in /a/wikistats/csv_[project code]/StatisticsPerBinariesExtension.csv. It filters and reorganizes data and produces 'analytics_in_binaries.csv'. Output contains per line: project code, language, month, extension name, count.
  • scans

default is add only Category:Analytics /a/analytics/comscore for newest comScore csv files (with data for last 14 months), parses those csv files, adds/replaces data from these csv files into master files (containing full history) and generates input csv file 'analytics_in_comscore.csv' ready for importing into database. Note : these csv files were manually downloaded from and were given more descriptive names (optional). The script finds newest files based on partial name search. Options: *no*-r replace

    • -i input folder, contains manually downloaded csv files from comScore (or xls files manually converted to csv)
    • -m master files with full history
    • -o output csv file, with reach per region, UV's per region and UV's per top web property, ready for import into database
  • reads a plethora of fields from several csv files from wikistats process. It filters and reorganizes data and produces 'analytics_in_wikistats.csv', ready for import into Limn. (which is part of daily '' job) which processes hourly projectcounts files (per wiki page view totals for one hour) from, and generates several files on different aggregation levels. Only action here is to copy data to this folder to have all Limn input in one place. Note: this one files contains stats for all projects, but resides with wikistats csv files for Wikipedia project.*File 'analytics_in_page_views.csv' is written daily as part of