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Uikipitia uī KaiOS/TMB

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This page is a translated version of the page Wikipedia for KaiOS/FAQ and the translation is 5% complete.

This FAQ covers questions and answers on the Wikipedia app for KaiOS.


What is the Wikipedia app for KaiOS?
It is an app that makes it easier for KaiOS users to read and interact with Wikipedia content on smart feature phones such as the Jiophone and the Nokia "banana phone". The Wikipedia experience on the native mobile browser on KaiOS phones is suboptimal and the Wikipedia app makes it much easier to navigate, find and read content.
When will the app be available?
The first version of the app is available in India as of 9th September 2020. The app can be downloaded globally where KaiOS phones are available as of 7th December 2020.
Will I need to be connected to the internet to use the app?
Yes you will.
Will I be able to use the app on a Jiophone outside of India?
Yes, use your WiFi connection to install the app from the store.

Features that will be available in the first version


How can I find an article I am interested in?
Type inside the Search box that shows “Search Wikipedia”. You can search for any topic. If the article exists in Wikipedia, you will have results to choose from.

Article navigation

What are quick links?
Quick links are a quick way to navigate to different parts of the article. Quick links direct readers to Sections of an article, image galleries, quick facts (infoboxes) and ability to switch the language of the app.

How do I read an article?
Using the Center key, tap up and down to scroll to read the article.

How do I select links within an article?
Using the Center key, tap left or right to move through the different blue links within an article.

Language support

How can I change the app language?
The app automatically changes to support the language on your phone. When in the app, select “Settings” , select “Language” and search to choose and select your language of preference.

Can I read an article in more than one language?
Yes you can. To do this, when you are in an article, select the "menu", select "language" and then search for the language you want to read the article in.

I can see an article is in English but I cannot find it in my language. Why is that?
Wikipedia is available in hundreds of languages. Each Wikipedia has thousands of articles, some with more than others. English Wikipedia is the largest with  more than 6M articles. It could be that the article you are looking for has not been created or translated to your language yet.

Readability and accessibility

Can I change the font size?
You can adjust the article text size using the Text Size shortcut keys. Press 4 to reduce the text size, and 6 to increase the text size. Pressing key 5 returns the size to the default text size.

Privacy and data usage

Does your app collect personal data?

The app will collect some usage data (a “usage report”) to help the Inuka team understand how you use the app and improve it. In addition, the Wikimedia Foundation collects certain data from all visitors to the Wikimedia projects, including KaiOS app users. That collection is described in greater detail in the Wikimedia Privacy Policy. Data collected is deleted or de-identified within 90 days, according to our data retention guidelines.

What information does the usage report contain?

The usage report contains the following information: (1) how you were referred to Wikipedia (e.g. through a Google Search); (2) how long you read Wikipedia; and (3) how often you visit Wikipedia in a 90 day period. The usage report does not contain personal data, nor does it list what pages you visited. You can refer to the schema page to see the various interactions and data we record.


Can I edit, create or translate an article?
No. At this time we do not support editing or contributing to Wikipedia through the app. We hope to add this capability in the future. Until then, you can contribute through your mobile browser.
If you see that the Wikipedia page on the mobile browser has been optimised, select “view original”. You will then be able to see the edit pencil on the right hand side of the article to begin contributing.
Can I upload pictures?
No. At this time we do not support direct upload of images or media to Wikipedia or Commons. We hope to add this capability in the near future. Until then, you can contribute media from your device by going to the Wikipedia website via your browser, and using the normal upload option.
Can I view a page's history and talk pages?
Currently, the app doesn't support viewing history and talk pages.
How can I report an issue?
Please report a bug via the app. Go to Settings within the app, select " feedback" . In your report, include information about your device, the app version you're using, and the error(s) you saw.
If I have a question or a suggestion, how do I get in touch?
You can reach us on the project talk page
How can I find out more about the team?
You can read the Inuka team to know more about us and what we are working on.