Wikipedia Zero/key technical use cases

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Here are a few general requirements that I think we should use to look at the different architectural options for creating the portal.


  1. Ability to create a partner account.
  2. Ability to add & delete a partner username and password which will be assigned to a partner account.  Multiple username/password combinations will be supported for each partner account.
  3. Username/password access must be limited to only reading or modifying the corresponding partner account.
  4. Viewing and editing partner account data by partners will need to be more limited than internal Admin access (some fields like zero/mdot will not be editable by the partner).  Other fields may trigger a request for review/approval by our internal team.
  5. We will need full control of the page UI - the typical Wikimedia links on the top and left hand side will not be needed.
  6. When a partner does certain actions as part of their user account, some of these events are sent to and logged by our CRM system for reports/sorting partners in a useful manner.
  7. Partners will need to be able to upload images and legal documents to us in a secure way.
  8. Partners will need to be able to access the analytics graphs from their user accounts.  This should not completely remove them from the partner portal.