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Wikipedia Preview

Wikipedia Preview is a free plugin for your site that keeps your readers engaged with your content.

With the vast amount of content online, helping people to stay engaged with your content can be a constant challenge, especially when your mission is to inform and educate them.

When people read articles, they often leave the page to try and get context elsewhere, either by following a link or leaving your site altogether.

Wikipedia Preview solves the core problem of users leaving your site to gain further context on your content.

With Wikipedia Preview, a reader can see a short summary of an unknown word or concept in your content by hovering or tapping on it, without ever leaving your content page. Through an easy implementation, you can give them concise and visual contextual information from Wikipedia within your website.

Wikipedia Preview mockups

Wikipedia Preview is a great fit for:

  • Educational institutions
  • Informational providers on important societal topics like gender, health, finance and education
  • Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) institutions
  • News and content publishers

Benefit to publishers

Providing engaging content and contextual information at the same time is a challenging task.

Wikipedia Preview can help to solve this challenge while providing the following benefits for your site:

  • Leverage an enormous collection of free knowledge to provide context immediately when your readers are curious
  • Enable users to stay on page/on site by giving them context while they read
  • Associate your site  with the Wikipedia brand, and use the power of the Wikipedia brand to provide additional neutrality and trust to your content
  • Available in over 300 languages, so you can provide, where available, context in a language different from your site
  • Works on mobile websites
  • Does not affect site performance

Benefit to content creators

It is important for you to be concise. Easily provide additional context to your readers by showing them a popup from Wikipedia that gives quick information on what additional information would be good for them to know as they read your article.

Do this without changing  your article creation flow.

  • No need to explain a concept that is not directly related to the article you are writing, add a contextual popup instead
  • Use the same process you use today to add hyperlinks to your articles

Easy implementation by tech teams

It is easy to implement Wikipedia Preview.

  • 3 step integration process: load, call, annotate
  • Built for mobile browsers
  • Does not affect site performance any more than a regular hyperlink would

See how it works - Demo page (test on your mobile phone too).

Click here to see key interactions of Wikipedia Preview.

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