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Last update on: 2013-01-monthly


Tomasz Finc interviewed candidates who responded to our request for proposals.


We've narrowed down our candidate list and are doing final interviews.


We've narrowed down our candidate list and are doing final interviews.


Mobile QA Update

We have created Mobile Browser Regression Tests that are listed on Mobile Browser Regression Tests. We will continue to add test cases to the wiki as we complete iterations. On the wiki we've identified, and are now working on the automation test candidates. We will leverage Mobile Device testing using Watir Webdriver Mobile Test Framework and will add them to the Cloud Bees/Saucelab configuration that the Platform QA Team is pioneering.


We have created several automated Mobile browser-based tests that are now running our Cloud Bees/Sauce Lab Continuous Integration configuration. Both Platform engineering and Mobile QA are leveraging Watir Webdriver and Cucumber. We also continue to add to our Mobile Browser Regression Tests.


The Mobile QA team planned and began several projects in December, in particular: an upcoming community test event for Mobile features; support for MobileFrontend in beta labs; and significant new UI-level automated tests in the gerrit queue.


The push to get MobileFrontend up and running on Beta Labs is well underway. We've also added test cases for Wikipedia Zero and we are planning a community test event for Mobile Upload and Commons in February.