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For the fiscal year FY 2017-18, the Wikimedia Technology department expects to work on a number of programs, as described in the draft annual plan. Here is a list of those programs, with the associated program owner/leader (within Technology):

Technology departmental programs[edit]

Program 1: Availability, performance, and maintenance[edit]

Owner/leader: Mark Bergsma

Teams: TechOps, WMCS, Performance, Analytics, Release Engineering, Services

Program 2: MediaWiki[edit]

Owner/leader: Tim Starling

Teams: MediaWiki, TechOps

Program 3: Addressing technical debt[edit]

Owner/leader: Greg Grossmeier

Team(s): Release Engineering and Team Practices Group

Program 4: Technical community building[edit]

Owner/leader: Bryan Davis

Teams: WMCS, Research and Data, Design Research, Scoring Platform (ORES), MediaWiki, Analytics, Services

Program 5. Scoring Platform (ORES)[edit]

Owner/leader: Aaron Halfaker

Team(s): Scoring Platform (ORES)

Program 6. Streamlined service delivery[edit]

Owner/leader: Mark Bergsma

Team(s): Technical Operations, Release Engineering, Services

Program 7. Smart tools for better data[edit]

Owner/leader: Nuria Ruiz

Team(s): Analytics, WMCS, Ops, Services

Program 8. Multi-datacenter support[edit]

Owner/leader: Mark Bergsma

Team(s): TechOps, MediaWiki, Services, Performance

Program 9. Growing Wikipedia across languages via recommendations[edit]

Owner/leader: Leila Zia

Team(s): Research, Editing, Reading, Services, Ops, Security

Program 10. Public cloud services & support[edit]

Owner/leader: Bryan Davis

Team(s): WMCS

Program 11. Improving citations across Wikimedia projects[edit]

Owner/leader: Dario Taraborelli

Team(s): Research, Design Research

Program 12: Grow contributor diversity[edit]

Owner/leader: Leila Zia

Team(s): Research, Community Resources, Communications, Community Tech, Global Reach, Support & Safety

Product departmental programs[edit]

Note: When the draft annual plan was written, the Search Platform and Fundraising Tech teams were in Product. They were moved into Technology during the "tune-up" in June 2017.

Program 1: Make knowledge more easily discoverable[edit]

Owner/leader: Erika Bjune

Team(s): Audiences/Discovery, Search Platform, Community Liaisons, Wikimedia Deutschland

Program 7: Payment processor investigation and long-term strategy[edit]

Owner/leader: Katie Horn

Team(s): Advancement Management, Fundraising-tech

Program 8: Donor retention[edit]

Owner/leader: Katie Horn

Team(s): Advancement Management, Fundraising-tech

Cross-departmental programs[edit]

Community Health[edit]

Segment 3: Research on harassment[edit]

Owner/leader: Dario Taraborelli

Teams: Research, Design Research

Privacy, Security, and Data Management[edit]

Segment 2: Technology[edit]

Owner/leader: Nuria Ruiz

Teams: Ops, Security, Analytics, Services

Structured Data on Commons[edit]

Segment 1: Database Integration[edit]

Owner/leader: Tim Starling

Teams: MediaWiki Team, Design Research, Performance

Segment 2: Search integration and exposure[edit]

Owner/leader: Erika Bjune

Teams: Search Platform