Wikimedia Technical Committee/Minutes/2018-07-25

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An invite-only video discussion, where decisions are often finalized, generally Wednesday 13:00 USA West coast local time as of this writing. This meeting is often used for grooming the backlog for the TechCom-RFC board. (private minutes)

  • RFC under discussion, will need another public IRC meeting: Unify various deletion systems
  • IRC Discussion Wednesday August 1st at 2pm PST(22:00 UTC, 23:00 CET) in #wikimediaoffice RFC: Modern Event Platform - Choose Schema Tech This relates to the choice between Avro and JSONSchema for the next iteration of EventLogging.
  • Accepted as RFC: Introduce a new namespace for collaborative judgments about wiki entities this is related to how the JADE extension stores information and proposed creating two new namespaces Judgement and Judgement_talk
  • IRC meeting requested: RFC: Block users by page/namespace proposal to allow wiki admins to block contributors from editing specific pages and/or all articles inside a namespace