Wikimedia Security Team/Random Meetings/2019 09 16 Captcha Working Group

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Date/time: September 16th, 2019 - 11:30 AM PDT

Attending: David, Reedy, Evan, Scott


  1. Evan: update on reaching out to CE team.
    1. Evan reached out to Growth. And ML folks. Not much to discuss currently.
  2. Evan: update on Dan/Partnerships Google meeting.
    1. Dan and Evan chatted re: plan for Google. Secteam has this already in captcha options sheet - Evan to re-format as Doc or page.
  3. Evan: update on CPT product plan.
    1. CPT initiative: First step. What CPT feels they are able to do and how to get it done. In Initiative Tracking Process: near-term, next cal year, next fiscal year? Product team has as potential effort for annual plan 2019, but most likely not occurring. Evan getting light approval from Product to take over.
  4. David, Scott: update on reCaptcha non-starters
    1. See (2)
  5. David, Scott: update on captcha data collection/analysis from logs
    1. Will perhaps work on informally, make sense to perform during official project kickoff, part of early phase.
  6. Security Vendor Captcha research engagement
    1. Timeline? For sure happening? Scott to confirm.
  7. Other mitigations
    1. SFS production implementation, still work in progress.