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some notes :)

wiki/security as a portal ( ) rather than foo/bar/baz? reference No portal namespace on mw.o !! So yes just a portal-esque design at /wiki/Security

Need to annotate 'policy' vs Policy (security policy ala official template and process

mw main landing page must acknowledge more than mw scope mw could use an almost sub-portal for training/documenation/guides/best practices not speciffially WMF or WMF process related

meta page on the what/why/where of docs and flow

mw landing page/portal more than mw is reall life, palpable?

When to mark things as


or ... --

Or soft-redirect? -- similar result to

Add a "See also" section to main Security pages on each wikis that interlinks the various landing pages (policies are over here, SOP, here, team, here, etc.)

Keep in mind which pages really must be translatable.

don't move pages with subpages without magic (especially translated subpages)

edit summaries to be friendly on mw[edit]


Keep,_Security,_and_Data_Management/CDP_Budget_Segment_2/Goals#Status_2 (link from )

Keep and Move => =>

Keep and Edit (convert to )

Redirect => =>

Move & Edit (also see )

REDIRECT soft / hard or mark

etc -- maybe not this[edit]


Keep (link back to team page) (link from w/security (link from w/security) (link from w/security) (link from w/sec) (link from w/sec)

Keep and Move => => (make a redirect to canonical?) => => => => => => => (link back to team page) => => => => =>

Keep and Edit (header points to mw and below content is office private ONLY) (remove draft)

Redirect =>

Move & Edit

REDIRECT soft / hard or mark


Create Nope, per trailing slash discussion


Keep and Move Keep and Edit or redirect to portal? (ref from main portal)

REDIRECT soft / hard or mark


Move & Edit Remove / Archive[edit]


Keep (from landing)

Keep and Move -- should be on foundation.wm.o and translated ala privacy policy? /wiki/security/policy/password

Keep and Edit ...keep but kill redirect, make portal or landing page

Redirect Move & Edit

REDIRECT soft / hard or mark