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Status:    In progress

Responsible What work/what role is this team/group playing? Point of Contact for this team/group (a person)
Search Platform Search Zbyszko Papierski
Accountable Why is this person accountable?
Consulted Context Point of contact
Informed Context Point of contact


What is the problem or opportunity?[edit]

For the needs of a Structured Tasks project, we need to be able to filter out articles that have recommendations assigned to them. Currently we allow for two types of recommendations, that are calculated beforehand and assigned to articles - link and image. In both cases, results are calculated periodically.

What does the future look like if this is achieved?[edit]

Ability to filter the results will allow a flexible display of articles that can be combined with other criteria - like full-text search or category.

What happens if we do nothing?[edit]

Static list of articles can still be displayed without the help - but that will greatly reduce the usability of the solution.


Value Objective or Value it Supports and how

Current background[edit]

Assumptions and requirements
The actual recommendations are not necessary for the search process
Articles with recommendations should be marked as such and there should be a way to clear this mark
It should be possible to do a full-text, or filtered search with inclusion of recommendations available filter


Option name here
Description Describe the solution
Pros List the positives of implementing it
Cons List the positives of implementing it
Risks What should we watch out for?
Effort How much time will this take to do?
Costs Are there any upfront or ongoing costs to consider?
Reference Any links to additional materials or more detailed plans?
Decision Type Is this a type 1 (reversible) or a type 2 (irreversible) decision?

Important Questions[edit]

Question Who can answer? Resolution, answer or action


Option Write the option you selected from above
Rationale Write out why you picked this over the others
Data Link to any data you used to support your decision
Who Who was present when the decision was made?
Date When was this decided?
Informing Who is informing others and how?