Wikimedia Research/Goals/DRFY17Q1


Goal setting process owner: Abbey Ripstra [ Wikimedia Research goals overview ]

Objective Key result Dependency ETA Status

Product Research

  • Deliver design requirements, heuristic evaluations, and user study findings for key products across Reading, Editing, and Discovery.
  • Product teams: Mobile Apps, Desktop & Web, VE, Collaboration, Discovery
end of Q1 Yes Done

Generative Research

  • Analyze and share results of Mexico, Nigeria, and India contextual inquiries T132799
  • New Readers project concept development and evaluation and collaboration on product iteration (in collaboration with Reading, Global Reach, Communications) based on contextual inquiries in South Africa, Mexico, Nigeria and India. Explore and evaluate 1-3 concepts coming out of the contextual inquiries with the goal of deciding on 1 concept to focus on by the end of the quarter. This work will involve researching what has been done in both wiki projects and in the market in general around the product area we decide to focus on as well as the possibility of new concepts and/or products. T129201 T132800 T132801
  • Reading, Global Reach, Communications (teams) and ReBoot (external contractor)
mid Q1 Yes Done

Research capacity building

  • Implement user testing tools to support moderated and unmoderated user testing on desktop and mobile (apps and web)
  • Experiment with recruiting research participants through Wikimedia/Wikipedia social media channels
  • funding for testing tool (annual subscription or a la carte)
  • Communications team
end of Q1 Yes Done

Research data mapping (stretch)

  • Document the sources of user data we manage, how we store it, and what potentially personally identifiable information it contains.
  • Ensure all archived user study data is retained and shared in compliance with WMF data retention policy and privacy policy.
  • Draft data access guidelines to inform our future data collection and dissemination practices.
  • Security team, Legal team, Research & Data team
end of Q1 Yes Done