Wikimedia Research/Goals/DRFY16Q2


Goal setting process owner: Abbey Ripstra [ Wikimedia Research goals overview ]

Objective Key result Dependencies ETA Status

Mentor people to do quality design research (those not on DR team).

One person outside the design research team does a complete design research project to DR team standards, expanding the number of people who do design research well.
  • Person outside the DR team having capacity to do a design research project.
EOQ Yes Done

Design Research workshop to build collaboration capacity with product teams.

Workshop happens, and product teams learn more about collaboration with Design Research and vice versa.
  • Availability of workshop participants to attend (track leads, managers and individual contributors from each product track).
MidQ Yes Done

Improve participant recruitment process

Implement changes to reduce steps in recruitment (of design research participants) process to make recruiting more efficient.
  • n/a
EOQ Yes Done

Collaborate with product teams to implement design research projects.

Design Research has done design research projects in collaboration with product teams to inform human centered product development.
  • All product teams we collaborate with
  • Research participants show up to research sessions (volunteers)
EOQ Yes Done

Persona interviews

12 persona interviews completed
  • Design research participants show up to research sessions (volunteers)
EOQ Incomplete Partially done