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Proposed Roadmap for the container based Local Development environment[edit]

Publish the first version of mw-cli, with the following docker-compose features[edit]

  • start
  • stop
  • status
  • destroy (removes the containers)
  • clean (removes mw cache)
  • .env file manipulation
  • stores location of docker-compose file, allows overrides
  • replace the `/docker/` command with a command executed from the host for installation

Add DB support to mw-cli[edit]

  • Interactive prompt to choose from:
* Mysql
* MySQL with replication
* Sqlite
* PostgreSQL

Add tests for mw-cli[edit]

Make it easier to run tests against services using mw-cli[edit]

  • Also use Fresh?

Make it easier to enable/disable services and extensions for mw via mw-cli[edit]

Add kubernetes environment interaction features to mw-cli[edit]

  • start minikube
  • deploy charts from local-charts or deployment-charts
  • delete deployment
  • stop minikube
  • delete minikube

Add ability to interact with phabricator and code review APIs[edit]

  • See phab tasks
  • Comment on phab tasks
  • See phab task for current patch
  • ...

Web UI for mw-cli (?)[edit]

Add ability to deploy to a remote environment using mw-cli (?)[edit]