Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/GitLab-a-thon


🦊🚀GitLab-a-thon is a week-long sprint happening the week of May 9th, 2022. It's a collaboration between Wikimedia's Release Engineering and Service-Ops teams.

We're tracking our progress on the GitLab-a-thon phabricator board.

And we're talking in #wikimedia-gitlab connect.

🏆 Goals[edit]

🐋 Migrate Blubber to GitLab
Status Score Goal
🟢 0.8 Project exists on GitLab
🟢 1.0 CI Runs on Commits and Merge Requests
🟡 0.6 We can build an image using GitLab's CI
🟡 0.3 We can deploy an image build via GitLab's CI

⏱️ Schedule[edit]

  • Daily standup at 16:00 UTC
  • All-day meeting and pairing rooms available