Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2019-07-18

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Last Time[edit]


TODOs from last time[edit]


  • In progress In progress blubber policy file deploy
    • Bump docker image version
    • Bump chart.yaml version field
    • helm package blubberoid
    • helm repo index .
    • git add blubberoid-*.tgz index.yaml
    • push for review
      • TODO make a task to jenkins-ify this
  • New CI
    • Lars hopes to have a prototype for New CI next week
    • train is still no fun


An interesting discussion showed up about having termbox-test release. We are for now treating in an ad-hoc basis, but we expect this to happen more. 

    • 2nd instance of termbox on the staging cluster via helm
  • RESTrouter scheduled to be deployed in the next week or two.
    • RESTBase will be splitting off piece by piece
    • Outlook hazy
  • Parsoid work may be moving to PHP stack in the very near term


As Always[edit]