Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2019-05-09

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Last Time[edit]


TODOs from last time[edit]

  • TODO what are our annual plans WRT to this project
  • In progress In progress TODO: support documention like the one tyler did for the portal and pipeline/helmfile and deployment
  • TODO docs for service docker container in beta



  • kask got swagger/openapi spec. Merge pending
    • how do we do this for staging since kask needs cassandra?
    • setup vms? we have hardware possibly...
    • citoid has similar problems, but if we could pass a proxy to the helm test
      • Dan: we could provide configuration to pass to helm install or helm test in the pipeline
    • something to think about: things we have no plan to move to k8s (e.g., mysql) how do we deal with those in staging -- resource problems in general
      • maybe possible to work around the helm test part with some hack
      • e.g., restbase works around this by heavily mocking responses
      • this may be harder with MediaWiki
      • quibble currently works around this
      • MediaWiki has this problem in the testrunner a bit i.e., unit tests fail if it tries to write to the database -- other things write to sqlite
    • stress testing for projects
      • staging, in theory, in the future should be able to be used for some portion of stress testing
      • two problems: (1) providing servers for data (2) providing the data -- the 2nd one will be difficult
    • "staging"
      • is this a persistent k8s pre-production environment
      • is this a environment where we could mock important services
      • these two things serve two different testing strategies


As Always[edit]