Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2019-04-11

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Last Time[edit]


TODOs from last time[edit]

  • N Not done TODO various attack vectors document to start
  • TODO: Joe & James_F to work on eventual 2019-04-01 email
    • Beware: announces on 04/01 can be considered an April's fool [and James is out on 1 April itself. <-- this is an april fool's joke for sure]
    • postponed until there are docs ~2019-05-xx
    • Draft:
    • Shall we send one soon, more a "hey, what do you think?" e-mail?
    • a preliminary email for people to be able to comment on work so far and how that jives with their needs
    • wikitech-l, engineering-l,
    • what is the call to action?
      • Is there documentation you expect to see?
      • Poke around this project?
    • Overview
    • Who cares about this email?

To do To do send email about email


 build  run  publish  deploy

    • each stage step exports binding with the results of a step, subsequent steps can access ancestor bindings
    • Mulitple images with multiple charts with a single repo
    • config.yaml: orchestrating steps for CI
      • can specify different blubber configs to different services
      • refers to blubber variants internally
    • blubber.yaml: creates build manifests
    • Timelines: start experimenting possibly next week
    • experiment with ORES possibly(?) since they need this functionality
    • Might use for restbase possibly
    • MCS split into MCS / PCS (?)


  • Yes Done cxserver training. Deployment done today
  • ongoing Upgrades to infrastructure ongoing, kubernetes 1.12.7 next week
  • started Started work on kask+wikidata termbox SSR
  • ongoing Need to resume work on changeprop
  • started A tech talk proposal (late june per organizers' request)


  • ChangeProp is ready to go.
  • RB split is coming
  • MCS/PCS are eager to move to node10. Maybe for Q1?

As Always[edit]