Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2019-02-28

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Last Time[edit]

Current Quarter Goals[edit]

  • Roughly a month left!
    • changeprop


  • beta code stewardship request
    • Staging discussion -- first canaries then staging
    • Staging supplants some uses of beta, but not all
    • Joe has a thing to ensure services exist in beta during transition
    • Databases hosted on bare metal?
      • No clear cut answer as yet
      • Discussion still ongoing
      • aside: outgoing firewalls in place now as part of transition

TODOs from last time[edit]

  • Yes Done TODO thcipriani to make task for continuous deployment, what's missing? a k8s api token on contint1001 to deploy 
  • Jenkins attack vectors
    • We worry about escape/security holes
    • Jenkins is not known to be highly secure
    • What about a way to put the logs somewhere else? and make jenkins non-public
      • nginx, for example - they're on disk
      • The real solution here is probably 2 separate instances of Jenkins
    • TODO various attack vectors document to start
    • There's a releases Jenkins -
      • Maybe things meant for production use should be built there
      • Hosted on releases1001
      • thcipriani/hashar to work on figuring out what stages happen on which Jenkins
    • +2 meaning deployment is a cultural shift
      • MediaWiki vs MediaWiki/config
  • TODO: Joe & James_F to work on eventual 2019-04-01 email
    • Beware: announces on 04/01 can be considered an April's fool


  • Local charts for dev
    • How to push docker images somewhere for local development
    • Parsoid image for local development or MediaWiki for local dev
    • docker-pkg for localdev images, upload from contint1001
      • 'TODO: Jeena, Brennen, Tyler to sort specific process
  • Would it be feasible to use spare servers for CI in the future? Even if they're only available for a short period?
    • Alex: There are resources for CI coming up, quite a large amount of money


  • citoid deployed on staging and production
    • Still working out the kinks (e.g. metrics)
    • Need to switch traffic to it and deprecated the old method.
  • eventgate done \o/


As Always[edit]