Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2018-11-08

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Last Time[edit]


  • process suggestion
    • alex: run the test variant prior to building production docker images
    • joe: builds the test variant in first phase to include software for unit tests, but don't publish images until people vote +2 on code review, blubber image builds are very fast due to the cache
    • lars: building docker image locally for testing is a good plan
    • joe: deployment to production or deployment to staging -- currently is scap helm -- but we need to figure out authorization
    • alex: removing release engineering requires a large culture change for service owners, particular for MediaWiki where releng acts as an intermediate
    • fabian: how does rollback work with this?
    • joe: scap helm deploys to canaries
  • Versioning of docker images
    • alex: current zotero version was hard to find -- we need another way to do that
    • joe: someone should create a proposal
    • thcipriani: (stupidly :)) I'll do that - TODO create task for versioning images, post to #wikimedia-pipeline, come up with proposal based on comments




As Always[edit]