Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2018-09-13

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Last Time[edit]



  • Optimizing resources in integration cluster
    • Goal was to have fewer CI instances to make better use of the docker-cache
    • Disk space
    • Create a new mount at /var/lib/docker to store docker images seperately from core os and workspaces
    • Stats collection
      • Have used the jenkins api with a google spreadsheet
      • statsd was missing metadata so was less useful
      • Aggregating build results in logstash (currently blocked on firewall tasks)
      • Advice needed for prometheus
        • May be as simple as creating a prometheus scraper
        • Probably need grafana on top to create graphs -- dan likes beautiful graphs
        • depends on exported-resources, integration has a puppetmaster, but may not have a puppetdb
        • Create a prometheus instance in integration


Blubber upgraded to 0.5.0 Kubernetes clusters upgraded 1.10.6

Goal planning started. SREs will have a goal for this.  Zotero v2, graphoid, blubberoid (if releng is still interested)

  • TODO: RelEng team meeting discussion


  • zotero :)

As Always[edit]