Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2018-08-30

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Last Time[edit]


  • Mathoid /deploy repo
    • Still needed?
    • Remove from CI?
    • TODO: archive on gerrit, remove from CI


  • Would it be crazy to run Blubberoid in k8s?
    • Landed in master
    • Not a lot of need for logging, most errors are 400s
    • Uses built-in golang http server
    • Eases packaging need
    • Pros
      • No need to maintain package in WMF
      • Knowing CI talks to latest and greatest
      • Easier deployments
    • Cons
      • Outside the WMF still need package
      • Services in k8s need /_info && ?spec for a swagger spec -- probably doable, but may not be worth it
      • Health endpoint and Swagger spec
      • How will this be built? Currently has a .pipeline/blubber.yaml -> can use FROM scratch -- blubber can build itself
    • Deployment
      • Can other folks besides Alexandros deploy currently?
      • Do we want to have this part of the pipeline?
        • Pushing live to staging
      • Additional Scap/Helm work?
    • Local Development
      • This has been left behind
      • Next quarter/future quarters?



As Always[edit]