Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2018-06-07


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Question for Alexandros: Is graphoid blubberized?

  • Update MediaWiki in docker to exercise services via MediaWiki
    • Currently looking at Math v. Mathoid
    • We get to shell out to npm, but deps for MediaWiki extensions are different
    • Using composer is not, evidently, the right path (RfC in the pipes)
    • Current plan is just to use integration/config CI's hash of extension dependencies: other thoughts?
  • dist/pipeline/blubber.yaml
    • needs to move for python projects
    • top-level seems standard, but ugly (seealso scap)
    • Suggestion from giuseppe: .blubber.yaml .helm.yaml
  • Pipeline modifications
    • pushing before verify stage ( )
    • Currently: build test (CI), run test (CI), build prod (CI), verify prod (CI), build test (Prod), run test (Prod), build prod (Prod), push prod (Prod)
    • Ideally: build test (CI), run test (CI), build prod (Prod), verify prod (CI), push prod (Prod)
    • This is more sane with a k8s cluster v minikube
    • sound sane? no? ok.
    • TODO: Need to be able to clean up failing images from the registry
    • Need to test for resource contention/traffice (bottleneck is swift)
    • TODO: create task add #ops + @Joe



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