Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2018-03-15

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Last Time[edit]



Note: for building images for production do not use the cache at all, layers fine, cache bad

Random neat thing[edit]

Fuzzy Future thinking[edit]

  • What/Who triggers new deployments?
    • Click a button on Jenkins
    • Automagic deployment via Jenkins after tagging
    • Git wrangle/manually run helm on a helmdeployment1001
  • Where is this run from?
    • Who's jenkins? Our jenkins? Contint1001?
      • we currently push from there
      • that box does a lot, probably too much
  • Split off things that do the work from things that do the testing


  • mathoid deployed on kubernetes@eqiad cluster
  • working on the configuration a bit
  • tiller can be a pain (client-go kubernetes libraries in general)
  • Enabled ServiceAccount admission controller for that
  • pybal ready to push traffic
  • docker-ce from 17.06.2 to 17.12.1 for CI


As Always[edit]