Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-09-05

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Last Time[edit]


  • paths rfc
  • Proof helm as a potential k8s deployment tool
    • Helm for local dev on minikube? wmctl for...?
    • Using other services as prebuilt images
    • rebuild images as you development
    • different use
    • helm to create a standardized deployment for staging and production
      • changes configuration variables for hostname, secrets, etc
      • Keeps things similar like how deployment-prep *should* work :)
      • Pod structure for logging and monitoring
        • will eventually need feedback (e.g., services re: logging)

Quarterly goals[edit]

  • How do people deploy to production?
    • Workflow for the deployer, implementing using the tools we've chosen
    • would be good for design document
      • to be written
      • leaving placeholders for folks
  • K8s version in prod/staging at 1.7.4

As Always[edit]