Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-07-11



Who's here:

Last Time[edit]

US independence day means no meeting last time


Next Time, Previous Time[edit]

We didn't do a Next Time last time we met :(

Updates on TODOs:

  • Jenkins credentials store
    • Dan and Tyler met, looked at Jenkins security matrix
    • Proposal:
    • tl;dr: get rid of job create/modify and node create/modify permissions for everyone except "ci admins"
  • Dan went to service's meeting


Next Time[edit]

  • releng
    • jenkins work (perms, credentials)
    • blubber bugs for mathoid build
  • services
    • developer cli -- sync up with blubber work
  • ops
    • networking draft proposal work
    • k8s upgrade to 1.5 (goal is 1.5+)
      • 1.7 just released and seems interesting
      • needs to be discussed with toollabs
      • hopefully be able to drop patches for version 1.4

As Always[edit]