Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-06-20

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Who's here:

Last Time[edit]


  • talked a little about base images
  • rehashed the "Blubber in Go, really?" talk
    • compiled format solves a ton of problems
    • only problem is we don't know Go
    • talked about python3
    • Dan trolled us by suggesting node :)

Next Time, Last Time[edit]

  • tyler/dan pair to vampire Go knowledge
  • TODO RelEng quarterly goals (blubber something something)
    • Yes Done link I was digging for
    • tl;dr: figure out how to functionally test Mathoid once its on the staging cluster, and what to do about it when it fails (i.e., what is the feedback mechanism?)
  • Services: working on local development tool
  • Ops: staging cluster up and running Soon™ (maybe tomorrow) DONE


  • creds for docker registry?
    • Jenkins credential store is not a good place for actual secrets
    • TODO talk to antoine about secret storage
    • maybe jenkins does not need access to secrets for this project
  • ops staging k8s is done! \o/
    • Fully working, can send stuff there
    • uses same docker registry as production
    • could start scheduling stuff for tests
  • Blubber work
    • Wrote config for mathoid and it built
    • patches to make it work accepted by Marko
    • is finally functional!
    • no current way to make extra envvars in blubber
  • Helm
    • could have a place in the developer tooling and/or entire pipeline
    • between blubber -> deploying an image
    • Marko/Dan to talk more at services development tooling meeting

Next Time[edit]

  • Ops will be looking into network policies for pods (multi-week)
  • Also looking into upgrading to version 1.5.5 (we got 1.4.6)
  • thcipriani/antoine to pair on secret storage options
  • thcipriani working on docker escaping
  • services/Marko:
    • work on tooling continues (meeting this week or next)
    • document minikube setup
  • dan env var stuff for blubber
  • dan hacking on mathoid with blubber

As Always[edit]