Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-06-13

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Who's here:

Last Time[edit]

Next Time, Last Time[edit]

  • N Not done Jenkins job that uses Blubber to push image to the Docker registry
  • dan/giuseppe to coordinate on blubber for base images
    • standardize as much as possible in a base image provided to developers
    • May be some philisophical differences here, but nothing fundamentally incompatible
  • TODO create blubber workboard
  • services making progress on local dev env
    • Next steps tooling to build configuration


  • services working on k8s config
  • Base images for Jessie
  • Blubber in Go
    • Been brought up a few times, but let's talk about it again :)
    • Giuseppe brought it up last week, Antoine and I (tyler) talked about it a bit this morning
    • Dan: 2nd choice would be nodejs since most people will already have it installed
    • Marko: Tool that services started developing is in python for shelling to kubectl
    • Alexandros: Everyone has a bit of python, but we could all learn Go ( although, the downside is we might not learn Go :( )
    • Antoine: python3, potentially NodeJS since our dev community knows it more than python
    • dev tooling written in python or ruby is a bit of a mess because of dependencies -- windows, ugh
    • Antoine: or we could ship a container :-}
    • Alexandros: MiniKube addons?

Who is going to own Blubber?

  • probably releng

Next Time[edit]

  • tyler/dan pair to vampire Go knowledge
  • TODO RelEng quarterly goals (blubber something something)
  • Services: working on local development tool
  • Ops: staging cluster up and running Soon™ (maybe tomorrow)

As Always[edit]