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Who's here:

Last Time[edit]

  • 2017-05-30
  • Talked about base-containers -- nodejs + python
  • Talked a bit about minikube + blubber

Next Time, Last Time[edit]

  • giuseppe
    • build various nodejs base layers for docker
    • play with (lyft) to expose services to one another
    • uses pki to tls encrypt communication between services
  • thcipriani: Yes Done ci-docker-staging registry for blubber to destroy
  • marko: configuration inside of and communication between containers
  • dan: config merging issue for blubber


  • giuseppe looked at building base-images with blubber
    • blubber in go might slow us down (unfamiliar with the language)
    • the docker security problem: base image gets security patch, rolling updates to images
      • Need some tree representation of the images?
yes, the base idea is to have a service we can ask "which images contain 'sudo'", and what is the dependency tree? And use the result for automatic rebuilding of all the related images.
  • Services wants to think about tooling for local development
    • Marko + Dan to schedule meeting this week
  • talked with greg-g about coordinating next-quarter work on SSD (this stuff) just join this meeting?

Next Time[edit]

  • Jenkins job that uses blobber to push image to the Docker registry
  • dan/giuseppe to coordinate on blubber for base images
    • base project type that makes decisions for them
    • moar abstraction for developers
  • standardize as much as possible in a base image provided to developers
    • intent is to minimize amount of changes devs would have to add

As Always[edit]