Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-05-30

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Who's here: giuseppe, tyler, dan, antoine, marko, alexandros

Last Time[edit]

  • I was jetlagged


  • Base images
    • 2 ways to go:
      • add nodejs and npm and build application inside container
      • Multistage idea: blubber, runs npm and creates artifacts that are copied to new container
    • proposal to keep current method, i.e. build deploy repo and use that as a form of artifact copy to new container
    • Multistage build needs several base images
      • minimum for production: one with npm one without that copies in artifacts
      • need another image to run tests/for development
    • need info about what is needed for npm install: build-essential, other stuff?
    • images will be simple since strace, etc. can be run from host not inside container
  • python base container
    • ores, servermon, eventbus? Something to think about
  • Creating a banner page for the docker registry needs to happen
    • we're all bad at design
  • meeting butts-up against a different meeting, move 5 mins later?

Team Updates[edit]

  • Releng
    • Moved integration-slave-docker-1000 to a blubber-compatible docker release
    • ci-staging-docker-registry available over https, not quite, got caught up in train stuff
    • Dan working on blubber patches (with Marko)
  • Ops
    • Staging hardware setup this week!
  • Services

For next time[edit]

  • giuseppe
    • build various nodejs base layers for docker
    • play with (lyft) to expose services to one another
      • uses pki to tls encrypt communication between services
  • thcipriani: ci-docker-staging registry for blubber to destroy
  • marko: configuration inside of and communication between containers
  • dan: config merging issue for blubber

As Always[edit]