Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-05-09

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Who's here: Giuseppe Alexandros Marko Dan Antoine JR Tyler

Last Time[edit]


  • Base images per technology and blubber
    • blubber should be agnostic to base-image
    • "service-type" could specify a base image that provides basic things
    • base image is something like "service-node" module in puppet -- i.e. minimum things that everyone will be using
    • "service-type" is a PaaS-type approach -- must be careful about how granular we go with base images
    • "service-type" vs base-image specification
  • Blubber and service runner duplication of effort
    • Different base-images for different node versions in blubber would work
      • Base image cleanup is a mess currently even inside docker
    • Needs pairity with service-runner
      • may not need ability to build deploy repo
      • Deploy repos may go away with docker work

Team Updates[edit]

  • Releng
    • Lots of POC done, just need to make it sane and live -- Dan & Tyler pairing?
    • Add post-merge to mediawiki/services/mathoid/deploy for next week
  • Ops
    • Base image for nodejs
  • Services
    • will work on the k8s manifest

For next time[edit]

As Always[edit]